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God Of War Ragnarok: Guiding Light Walkthrough


There are countless Side Quests players can find in God of War Ragnarok that are called Favors. Realms have their own Favors & will usually reward Crafting Materials & Resources after completing one.

Guiding Light is a Side Quest that can be found while exploring Lake the Nine in Midgard. Kratos, Freya, & Mimir venture forth on a journey in God of War Ragnarok, hoping to find the Norns to gain answers about Atreus’s whereabouts. While exploring the frozen lake, players will Approach across Tyr’s old statue, which got destroyed because of Kratos & Thor’s fight in Surviving Fimbulwinter.


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How To Trigger Guiding Light Favor In God Of War Ragnarok

gauntlets of guiding light in god of war ragnarok

To trigger Guiding Light in God of War Ragnarok players need to interact with one of Tyr’s runes scattered around the Lake of Nine. There are four in total; Tyr’s Left Bracer, Tyr’s Right Bracer, Tyr’s Helmet, & Tyr’s Spear.

Tyr’s Left Bracer

tyr left bracer location in god of war ragnarok

Travel to the Mystic Gateway beneath the Shores of Nine in Lake of Nine & head to the right of the gateway to see the bracer. Approach it & interact with the runes that read “Defend the peace”. Near the runes, there will be a pile in the ground that Kratos can dig, which rewards Gauntlets of Guiding Light. If this is the first runes players interacted with, it will trigger the Guiding Light Favor in God of War Ragnarok.

Tyr’s Right Bracer

tyr right bracer in god of war ragnarok

From Tyr’s Left Bracer, head northeast to the Shores of Nine where players play as Atreus before in God of War Ragnarok. To reach it, follow these steps:

  • Find a wooden log that has a marking to jump over.
  • Lift the rock to reach the shores.
  • Enter through the bracer & go left.
  • Burn the blue thorns & interact with runes that read “Iron peace; not a golden war”.

After that, dig the spot next to it to claim the Waist Guard of Guiding Light.

Tyr’s Helmet

tyr helmet location in god of war ragnarok

To reach Tyr’s Helmet in God of War Ragnarok, proceed to the area above the Raiders Stronghold to find a large golden helmet. Interact with it to read the “Win Minds; Not Wars” rune. Enter the helmet to dig up the Breastplate of Guiding Light.

Tyr’s Spear

tyr spear location in god of war ragnarok

The final & fourth piece is Tyr’s Spear, which is southeast of Tyr’s Helmet or east of the frozen lightning. The broken spear has the “Wish for peace; be ready for war” rune carved on it. Reading it will complete the Guiding Light Favor in God of War Ragnarok. Don’t forget to dig up the pile of rocks near it to receive the 30 Whispering Slabs & the Jotunheim’s Essence, an Amulet Enchantment. The latter gives +4 Strength, +4 Vitality, & +6 Luck.

the guiding light armor in god of war ragnarok

The Guiding Light Side Quest is easily one of the best Favors players can complete, as it doesn’t involve any fighting or riddle-solving. In addition, it rewards a complete armor set in God of War Ragnarok with little to no effort. The Guiding Light armor offers a moderate chance of increasing the Strength, Runic, & Luck of any weapon upon hit. Equipping both the Gauntlets & Waist Guard grants Melee Attacks an 8% chance to critically strike, creating a Damaging Explosion.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.


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