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How to find the Elven Cap


Across the Realms requires players to find four ingredients, & here is where to find the Elven Cap in God of War Ragnarok.


Being an open-world action adventure game, God of War Ragnarok offers players a great deal of side quests called Favors to pursue. Some are easy to find as they are given to players by the various characters they Approach across. Other Favors are more difficult as they only start once an item has been found by players.

An example of this is Across the Realms. This Favor is located in Midgard but is off the beaten path & very easy to miss. The objective for this Favor is to find a series of ingredients to make a meal. The ingredients can be difficult to find, especially the Elven Cap. This guide will show players where to go to find the Elven Cap.


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Where to Find the Elven Cap


Before hunting down the ingredients for Across the Realms, players should make sure to visit the Eternal Campfire in Midgard to pick up the recipe book that starts Across the Realms. Without it, God of War Ragnarok players will not be able to pick up the ingredients. The book is right next to a rainbow fire & is easy to spot.

The Elven Cap can be found in Alfheim. It is located in the southeast corner of the Forbidden S&s. While there are several Favors that take place in the Forbidden S&s, God of War Ragnarok players do not need to do any of them in order to find the Elven Cap. To reach the Elven Cap, players will need to lift the pillar that is blocking the way.

Where Are the Other Ingredients?


The remaining three ingredients are Nordic Gourd, Prongfruit, & Bantam Melon. The Nordic Gourd can be found nearby the Eternal Campfire. The Prongfruit can be found near the Forge in Svartalfheim which is where players get the Draupnir Spear, & the Bantam Melon can be found in the Sinkholes in Vanaheim.

While most of the ingredients can be found without completing any other Favors, the Bantam Melon can only be reached once players have completed Scent of Survival & Return of the River. This also requires players to have completed Creatures of Prophecy.

What is the Reward for Completing Across the Realms?


God of War Ragnarok players that gather all the ingredients will need to return to the Eternal Campfire & interact with the pot next to the campfire. Mimir will finish telling his story as Kratos makes the meal. Once the Favor is completed, players will get XP, Whispering Slabs, & Meal of Comfort.

How to Use Meal of Comfort


Meal of Comfort increases all stats by five. So players will definitely want to know if they need to do anything to activate this item. Fortunately this item activates the moment God of War Ragnarok players obtain it, so they will not need to do anything extra to get that helpful boost.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.


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