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Myrkr Tunnels Nornir Chest Guide (Svartalfheim)


God of War Ragnarok players should have no trouble finding the Myrkr Tunnels Nornir Chest, but getting it open will require them to use their heads.

God of War Ragnarok: Myrkr Tunnels Nornir Chest Guide (Svartalfheim)

Players will find themselves visiting Svartalfheim on multiple occasions throughout the events of God of War Ragnarok, including during the game’s tenth chapter, Forging Destiny. On that occasion, they’ll start out in the Myrkr Tunnels area & will need to make their way through the depths of the realm in search of the Lady of the Forge & a weapon capable of beating Heimdall.

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There are plenty of terrifying enemies lurking down in the tunnels, but there are also a few nice rewards for God of War Ragnarok players who know where to look. This includes a Nornir Chest, which, depending on how many chests players have found & opened up to this point, could contain a special stat-boosting item to help players with their difficult journey ahead.

How to Unlock the Myrkr Tunnels Nornir Chest


Players will find the Myrkr Tunnels Nornir Chest shortly after passing through the room in which they need to turn the waterwheel by freezing the water in the trough using Kratos’ Leviathan Axe. The chest itself is right on the main quest path in direct line of sight of the player & so they’ll have a hard time missing it unless they’re playing blindfolded.


In order to unlock the Myrkr Tunnels Nornir Chest, players will need to find & light three torches, the first of which can be found by looking to the left while passing through the corridor that leads to the chest. To ignite it, players will simply need to equip Kratos’ Blades of Chaos, hold L2, & then tap the R2 button while directly facing the torch.


Players will find the second torch by turning left at the end of the corridor. Unfortunately, there’s a metal railing in the way which will prevent them from lighting the torch as they normally would, but there’s an easy way around this. Players should fire off a Sigil Arrow at the barrel of oil to the right of the torch & then fire a few more at the boxes to the left to create a chain. They can then ignite the one closest to them, which should set off a chain reaction that leads to the torch being lit.


To find the final torch, players should head back the way they came & look for a large barrel in the very first alcove that they Approach to on their left. Destroying this barrel with either of Kratos’ weapons will reveal the final torch, which they’ll be able to light using the Blades of Chaos. Doing so will unlock the chest, allowing players to get their h&s on the treasure inside.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.


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