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Southern Wilds Nornir Chest Guide (Vanaheim)

Chapter 6 of God of War Ragnarok takes place in Vanaheim, the realm of the Vanir gods. This is somewhat significant, as Vanaheim was one of the three realms that players were unable to travel to in God of War (2018). Though the realm is very different from the ones that players have visited so far, there are quite a few similarities when it comes to the collectibles that are scattered throughout its many areas.

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There are 11 Nornir Chests in Vanaheim, the first of which can be found within about ten minutes of players first arriving there. As is often the case though, finding the Southern Wilds Nornir Chest ends up being the simple part, with figuring out how to open it being the real challenge. It’s not the hardest Nornir Chest that players will need to unlock in God of War Ragnarok, but it’s not exactly easy either.

How to Unlock the Southern Wilds Nornir Chest

Players will find the Southern Wilds Nornir Chest not long after their arrival in Vanaheim. It’s just past the ab&oned marketplace & the section where players are introduced to the large blue plants that fire projectiles at Kratos & Brok as they pass. To open the chest, players will need to find the three nearby spinning devices & turn them so that they display the runes on the side of the chest.


The first spinner is to the right of the Nornir Chest, though players won’t be able to turn it right away. First, they’ll need to use Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to burn away the brambles that are encasing it, after which, throwing the Leviathan Axe at one of the golden paddles will cause it to spin. To unlock the chest, they’ll need to turn the spinner so that it displays the rune that looks like a lowercase n.


The second spinner is up on a ledge down the path opposite the chest. This one is also surrounded by brambles, but it’s too far away for the Blades of Chaos to reach. Thankfully, the brambles extend all the way around the edge of the rock face, so players can burn them away from the area to the left of the ledge. After doing so, they should use the Leviathan Axe to turn the spinner to the rune that looks like an R.


The final spinner is high up on a ledge to the left of the Southern Wilds Nornir Chest. There are no brambles to deal with this time, so players can proceed to throw the Leviathan Axe at the paddles until the device displays the rune that looks a bit like a C. Assuming the other two spinners are already displaying the correct runes, this should lead to the chest being unlocked.


After unlocking the Southern Wilds Nornir chest, most players will find either an Idunn Apple (odd-numbered chests) or a Horn of the Blood Mead (even-numbered chests), which can be used to increase Kratos’ maximum health & rage respectively. However, in the event that players have already found & opened 30 Nornir Chests prior to this one, the chest will instead contain other items like Hacksilver or Shattered Runes.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.

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