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The Forge Nornir Chest Guide (Svartalfheim)


God of War Ragnarok players probably won’t be able to open The Forge Nornir Chest when they first find it, as they’ll need a special item to do so.

God of War Ragnarok: The Forge Nornir Chest Guide (Svartalfheim)

During the game’s tenth chapter, God of War Ragnarok players will be tasked with making their way to an area of Svartalfheim called The Forge in the hopes of finding a new weapon that can help Kratos to defeat Heimdall. On their way there, they’ll likely Advance across a Nornir Chest that they are unable to open as it is unlike many of the ones that have Advance before it.

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Rather than ringing bells or igniting torches to open the chest, players will need to destroy three special statues simultaneously, but neither Kratos’ Blades of Chaos nor his Leviathan Axe is up to the task. Thankfully, however, the weapon that players are on their way to get is more than capable, so they won’t have to wait too long to unlock The Forge Nornir Chest.

How to Unlock The Forge Nornir Chest


To find the Forge Nornir Chest, players will need to head down from the wooden train platform & climb up the ledge in front of the green heart that’s painted on the rock face. If they take a right after climbing up the step, they’ll find the Nornir Chest immediately to their right not too far from the cliff’s edge near a broken piece of rope.


The first statue that players need to destroy can be found by looking out over this cliff. After locating it, players should throw a Draupnir spear at it by targeting it with L2 & then tapping R1. It’s very important that players do not detonate the spear just yet though, so they’ll want to avoid pressing the Triangle button until they’ve thrown spears at the other two statues.


To find the second statue, players should examine the rocks that are directly opposite the Nornir Chest. If they follow them around to the right near the cliff edge, they should see another statue with a rune that looks like a B on it. As with the last one, they’ll want to throw a spear at this statue but avoid detonating it for now.


The final statue is over near the train platform & can be targeted either from ground level or from the wooden decking itself. After throwing a spear at it, players can either detonate the spears right away or make their way back to the chest for the satisfaction of seeing all three runic seals being broken at exactly the same time. Assuming players haven’t already opened up 30 chests, The Forge Nornir Chest will contain either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.


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