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Important Norse Mythology Figures That Were Not In The Games


God of War Ragnarok brings Kratos closer than ever to the gods of the Norse pantheon. In 2018, fans got to meet some awesome members of the Vanir & Aesir including Magni, Modi, Baldur, & Freya.

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In this newest installment of God of War, players take on the Aesir gods of Odin, Thor, & Heimdall alongside other prominent Norse figures such as Freyr, Freya’s brother. However, fans have noted there are some missing characters they didn’t get to meet. Here are just a few of them.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead


5/5 Njord, God Of The Seas

God Of War Ragnarok Njord

Njord is the God of the Seas in Norse mythology. As a Vanir god, his home & birthplace is Vanaheim. In the mythos, he is also the father of Freyr & Freya, two very prominent characters featured in Ragnarok.

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Although he is not mentioned in the game, he must be alive as his kin are present, & it is known that he fought in the Aesir-Vanir war alongside the rest of the Vanir army. His daughter Freya was never forgiven by the Vanir & her entrapment in Midgard means he probably hasn’t seen her in a long time. Perhaps this is something fans explore in an upcoming title.

4/5 Borr, Father Of Odin

God Of War Ragnarok Borr, father of Odin

Borr is the son of Buri (the first Aesir God) & the father of Odin, Vili, & Ve.

Many fans suspected time travel would be a major part of God of War Ragnarok‘s main story. This is something Kratos is familiar with as he has used time travel to change the future in the Greek Pantheon. This would have been an awesome chance to meet Borr, Odin’s father, & get more background on the Aesir family. Perhaps fans could’ve gone even further back in time to meet Buri & Ymir (the first Jotuun) but sadly this never played out.

Borr is probably most well known for his feature in the MCU at the start of Thor: The Dark World. Although the story is not the same for Borr, his character design does give players an idea of how he may look in the GoW universe.

Kratos does mention briefly in the post-game that time travel is not worth the hassle it causes, meaning it was never really an option for him.

3/5 Forseti, Son Of Baldur

God Of War Ragnarok Forseti, Son of Baldur

Unlike the other characters mentioned on this list, Forseti is actually mentioned during Ragnarok’s main story. When Atreus first visits Asgard & is introduced to Thrud, Thor’s daughter, she says “Don’t disturb Forseti.” Unfortunately, the game doesn’t actually allow the player the freedom to interact with Forseti. However, fans know he’s alive & well so may feature in an upcoming game.

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We know Thrud took Thor’s hammer at the end of the story, so we may see her again, possibly fighting alongside the son of Baldur.

2/5 Hel, Daughter Of Atreus

god of War Eagle in Helheim

Hel is well known as the daughter of Atreus (Loki) & the ruler of Helheim. However, she never features in the game & isn’t even mentioned among Loki’s children. Currently, Hraesvelgr sits & rules over Hel. In mythology, it is known that Hel takes over this spot from the giant eagle but it is unclear when this will happen.

Loki actually has two other kin, these being Jormung&er & Fenrir. With the release of Ragnarok, players have now seen both of these characters & know their origins. The giant snake is born by the h&s of Atreus & Angrboda in Jotunheim & is sent back in time by Thor during the final fight in Asgard. This is the snake fans meet in the first game.

Fenrir sadly dies at the start of Ragnarok, but his soul is then placed into the giant dog Garm, who Loki releases from Hel with Thrud during a mission to find a piece of the mask.

This just leaves Hel with no context or even a mention. Hopefully, in the next release of the franchise, fans see Atreus’ story continue & the future of his children explored even further.

1/5 Meili, God Of Travel

God of War Meili God of Travel

Meili is the God of Travel in the Norse pantheon. Although most players may have overlooked this character as a possible option for an addition to the roster, there is one major reason they may have featured.

At the start of God of War, players meet Thor & Odin to discuss a truce, which Kratos kindly declines. This leads to Thor throwing Kratos all the way to Tyr’s temple crashing straight through it & destroying the ability to realm travel using this room.

This then opened the door to bring in new ways to fast travel & move between realms. The game chooses to use Brok & Sindri as a facilitator for this, & their house, which is situated in the World Tree. Here players also meet Ratatoskr, who is the squirrel that tends to Yggdrasil. He also helps fans travel to a few locations.

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Meili could’ve Advance in h&y here as they could’ve supplied players with a way to travel between the realms & throughout Midgard. Unfortunately, he is part of the Aesir family, so players probably would’ve killed them to get their powers.

Fans know the God of War series will continue, but Ragnarok is the last installment in the series that will feature in the Norse realms. This means players will probably get a closer look at some Egyptian or even Mayan gods from their respective pantheons.

God of War Ragnarok is now available on PS5 & PS4.

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