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How The Events of the Game Differ From Mythology


Please Note: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for God of War Ragnarok. Proceed at your own risk.God of War Ragnarok plunges Kratos & his son, Atreus, into the titular world-ending events, as they aim to take out the Aesir gods & save the nine realms from their treacherous rule. Since both characters play a vital role in these events, the story of Ragnarok from mythology is very different from the ones that fans will experience in-game. However, this does not take away from God of War Ragnarok being one of the best games in the series with Incredible gameplay & character development.


One of the key differences between the story told in God of War Ragnarok & the mythological accounts are that certain key figures are greatly downplayed to give room for Kratos & Atreus to take the forefront. Certain characters like Fenrir, Jormung&r, & Angrboda do not follow the same path in mythology, while others like Hel are completely absent. At the same time, other characters have more prominent roles, such as Freya, & of course, the two main characters, filling in the gaps left by these key figures.

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Ragnarok in Mythology


In Norse mythology, Ragnarok describes the death of many of the Aesir gods & the destruction & eventual recreation of the nine realms. The first sign of Ragnarok is the onset of Fimbulwinter which begins shortly after the death of Baldr, who was killed after Loki tricked his blind brother Hodur to shoot a mistletoe arrow at Baldr. The three winters of Fimbulwinter finally end, & Loki, along with his children Hel, Jormung&r, & the great wolves, assembles an army of giants & charges toward Asgard.

Many of the principal Aesir gods & their enemies are killed during the events of Ragnarok, including Odin, Freyr, Thor, Tyr, & Heimdall. Fenrir, the great wolf, swallows Odin & is eventually killed by Vídar, which marks the end of Ragnarok. Asgard is destroyed by the attacking armies And the surviving gods eventually rule over the surviving humans that now repopulate the world & usher it into a new age.

Ragnarok in God of War

Image from God of War Ragnarok showing Kratos & Atreus about to fight a giant beast.

In God of War, Ragnarok is kickstarted when Kratos kills Baldur, plunging all nine realms into Fimbulwinter, which affects each realm differently. As prophesied by the giants, Atreus is meant to lead the charge into Asgard which will finally see the death of Odin & the rest of the Aesir who have cruelly ruled over the nine realms. Unlike in mythology, Atreus cannot use the giants to mount an attack on Asgard since they have all either died or have gone into hiding in other l&s.

Kratos & Atreus, along with their allies, are able to awaken the embodiment of Ragnarok by combining the primordial flames of Kratos’ Blades of Chaos with Surtr, who now possesses the cold heart of his wife, Sinmara. They assemble an army composed of beings from every realm outside of Asgard, & using the horn, Gjallarhorn, which they acquired after defeating Heimdall, they opened a path to Asgard. Kratos & Atreus are able to defeat Odin, & Ragnarok with his mighty sword destroys the realm.

While God of War Ragnarok does stray away from the mythological events of Ragnarok, it still does a great job at including Kratos & Atreus in the epic tale & making the events play out with excitement & anticipation. While certain characters such as Fenrir did not play as Huge a role as they did in mythology, the way in which the story unfolds allows each of the characters to shine through. God of War Ragnarok gives fans a unique take on the death of the Aesir & is a fitting end to the Norse saga of the series.

God of War Ragnarok is now available for PS4 & PS5.

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