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New Locations In God Of War: Ragnarok


God of War: Ragnarok is upon us, & Kratos’ next adventure had us in tears within minutes. With the ability to explore all 9 realms such as Midgard & Alfheim with the additions of Asgard, Vanaheim, & Svartalfheim from the previous game, players have a tone of new locations to discover & learn about their past & future roles in the mythology. However, the God of War story is well known for rewriting the mythology into its own tale.

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There are heavy spoilers ahead for the entire game, so if fans are among those still waiting to play the newest God of War & want to experience these locations firsth&, please Approach back to this piece at a later date.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


8/8 Spark Of The World

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The Spark of the World is arguably one of the most Gorgeous locations in all gaming. This cosmic expanse is the joining point between Muspelheim (the fire realm) & Niflheim. These are important as they are known as the first 2 realms to Approach into existence. Essentially, this location is the birth of the universe, similar to what would be the Enormous Bang, & they capture the essence of this gracefully. In the God of War story, Surtr helps us cause Ragnarok by combining the cold heart of Sinmara & his fire to grow into a giant.

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He then falls into the Spark of the World & awaits the call of Ragnarok. Shortly after, Odin’s Valkyries ambush us & an awesome fight takes place. It’s awesome that this space is utilized for more than just storytelling or a cutscene, instead, players actively play & fight here. Players can also return here after the story has finished for an awesome Easter egg.

7/8 AsgardCollage Maker-14-Nov-2022-04.53-PM

Fans of God of War have been waiting years to get a peak at Santa Monica’s vision for Asgard. It’s safe to say, they surely did not disappoint. Although it may look slightly different from what players were expecting, the scenery & gritty nature of the series continue through here with the overall design & feel of the realm.

Players do visit this realm a few times as Atreus due to the short truce between Odin & Loki in the hunt for divine truth using the mask. However, the first time Kratos visits this realm is during the start of Ragnarok making this moment extremely powerful.

6/8 JotenheimCollage Maker-14-Nov-2022-04.46-PM

Now, players may be thinking “Jotenheim isn’t a new location in God of War” as players briefly visit this realm at the end of God of War 4 (2018). However, in Ragnarok, players get to explore the br&-new location of Iron Wood, a sanctuary for the Giants. Players first travel here as Atreus in a “dream”. However, Giants have the ability to transport themselves here while sleeping.

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Players know Atreus was definitely present in Jotenheim, as when he returns to Midgard he transports back to an entirely different location. Kratos can return here once the game is complete & have some awesome interactions with Angrboda, Loki’s wife in the Norse mythos.

5/8 SvartalfheimCollage Maker-14-Nov-2022-04.46-PM (1)

Svartalfheim is home to the Dwarves & contains the city of Nidavelir. Fans knew this location would be a hot spot during the game due to Brok & Sindri playing a large role throughout the previous title. As well as this, fans knew that Odin had Tyr locked up in the Applecore Mine in Svartalfheim meaning players would have to travel here to free him from his endless nightmare.

This realm is incredibly unique & features some of my favorite enemies with the endless Grim & awesome Bergsra. Finally, players will meet Durlin, another Dwarven companion to help them along the way to defeat Odin.

4/8 VanaheimCollage Maker-14-Nov-2022-04.45-PM (1)

Vanaheim is the Gorgeous home of the Vanir & Vanir gods. Among these are Freya, who fans know from the previous game, & Freyr. Players first venture here as Kratos alongside Freya in an attempt to destroy the binding spell Odin placed on Freya to stop her from visiting other realms.

This realm contains one of the best boss fights in the game against an iconic character in Norse mythology so make sure to visit here as soon as the game allows. Vanaheim is also the location for a few other significant events throughout the game.

3/8 Sindri’s House And Yggdrasil

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Sindri’s House acts as the new “home” for Kratos & Atreus. Seeing as Odin & Thor know exactly where the old house is, it wouldn’t exactly be advantageous to stay there. Brok & Sindri also can’t use Tyr’s temple as a forge due to its destruction caused by Thor.

The house can be found among the World Tree where players are safe from any of Odin’s plans. Ratatoskr can also be found here. He is the squirrel that guards Yggdrasil (The World Tree) & passes messages from the Eagle at the top to the Snake at the bottom known as Nidhoggr.

2/8 The Lady Of The ForgeCollage Maker-14-Nov-2022-04.47-PM (1)

The Forge & the “Lady of the Forge” becomes an iconic location during Kratos’ adventure & is the source of his new weapon. Brok tells us that Sindri is usually the one that visits the Lady, so this is also a new adventure for him.

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The Lady of the Forge can be found at the bottom of a lake in Svartalfheim. The player must fix the diving bell with Brok before being able to venture into the deep abyss.

1/8 The Great LodgeCollage Maker-14-Nov-2022-04.48-PM

The Great Lodge is the final location on this list. Players may be thinking that Odin’s great place would look something like its MCU counterpart, but players will be surprised when faced with this Lodge instead. Players visit this location as Atreus alongside Heimdall who explains why Odin doesn’t require a huge palace.

He states that true power doesn’t feel the need to flaunt it. Which does give us some respect for Odin, even though fans know he will sacrifice everyone & everything to get what he wants.

God of War: Ragnarok is available on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 through the Store.

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