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How Thor’s Role Differs From Mythology


PLEASE NOTE: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for God of War Ragnarok. Proceed at your own risk.God of War Ragnarok delivers a great sequel filled with memorable character interactions, Unbelievable fights, & breathtaking scenery as players travel to all nine realms. Kratos & Atreus give the Norse saga a fitting ending. With everything that God of War Ragnarok has to offer, one of the most anticipated & exciting moments was finally seeing the character progression of one of the most dangerous Aesir in all nine realms, Thor.


Thor is a very different character in God of War Ragnarok compared to how he is portrayed in mythology. For starters, like Atreus, he is also half-giant, which is important to note since he was thought to have been responsible for killing all the Jotnar in the first place. However, seeing the God of Thunder develop from Odin’s henchman into a worthy father figure for his daughter, Thrud, was one of the most intriguing arcs in the entire God of War series.

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Thor in Mythology


In Mythology, Thor was viewed as the ideal warrior by those who worshiped him & was considered one of the main gods of the Norse mythos. Along with his wives, Sif & Jarnsaxa, he is the parent to Thrud, Magni, Modi, & Ullr. Even in mythology, Thor has a deep rivalry with the giants & is feared by the race due to his monstrous strength, ability to wield lightning, & his famed hammer, Mjolnir.

Thor’s main enemy in mythology is the world serpent, Jormung&, who he is destined to fight during the events of Ragnarok where the two ultimately kill each other. Along with being the God of Thunder, he is also the God of trees, farmers, the protection of mankind, & fertility. He is Asgard’s greatest defender from outside threats & is considered to be its greatest warrior, using his power to ensure the safety of mankind & the Aesir.

Thor in God of War Ragnarok

Thor & Thrud in God of War Ragnarok

Thor’s role in the God of War series actually starts in 2018’s God of War where it is revealed that he was the one who killed all the Jotnar on Odin’s comm&, in fear of Ragnarok. He continued to serve Odin, even when he first came across Kratos & Atreus, swearing to take revenge for the father & son killing his two sons, Magni & Modi. Thor eventually leaves Odin’s side & is killed by the All-Father when he st&s up to him during the final battle of Ragnarok.

Thor is depicted as a struggling father & son, a powerful warrior, & someone whose true wish is to protect his family. In this latter regard, he is not that different from Kratos. During Atreus’ time in Asgard, he learns that Thor had given up drinking on the wishes of his wife & daughter; however, as Ragnarok approached & Odin grew more desperate, Thor fell back to his old ways. His relationship with his daughter & wife was finally saved, but at the cost of his own life.

From his benevolent version in mythology to the broken father in God of War Ragnarok, Thor’s character has always been an interesting one to observe. In God of War Ragnarok, he serves almost as an image of what Kratos could have become had he never defied Zeus in the original trilogy & his eventual betrayal of his father only shows how much he grew through the course of the game. As an enemy, Thor was a formidable god for Kratos to fight, & as a character, he had one of the most interesting stories & development in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.

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