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What to Do With Shattered Runes


God of War Ragnarok has picked right up where its 2018 predecessor left off as Kratos & his son, Atreus, continue to explore the Norse realms with the threat of the Aesir Gods & the end of the world prophecy of Ragnarok bearing down on them. This time around, players will be able to explore all of the Nine Realms, with each one offering a unique setting & environment to explore.

Although serving as the end point for Kratos’ Norse saga, God of War Ragnarok doubles down on what players enjoyed about the first game, including those light RPG elements through armor crafting & a variety of gear & abilities to switch between. Much of the game is centered around the moment to moment action, with Kratos being able to wield multiple weapons to best fit the enemy types & environment, players will be acquiring a variety of resources to help improve Kratos along his journey.


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Hacksilver returns as one of the most important resources, used in most upgrades, but as players explore each of the realms, they’ll Advance across a wide variety of items which aid in the upgrade process. One such resource known as Shattered Runes, seem to be treated differently from other items, which can leave God of War Ragnarok players a bit confused as to their purpose.

Brok & Sindri God of War Ragnarok

What Are Shattered Runes Used For?

Unlike every other upgrade resource in God of War Ragnarok, Shattered Runes have no purpose other than to be used to sell. While that may not be exciting, they’re a great way to gain a Huge bulk sum of Hacksilver, which is incredibly important for upgrading weapons, armor, & other gear. At higher levels, the Hacksilver cost raises substantially, which makes selling Shattered Runes all the more valuable & necessary.

Players can visit any Dwarven Forge & tab over to the Sell section. Under Resources, Shattered Runes can be sold in bulk where the Dwarves Brok or Sindri will take 50 Shattered Runes for 5,000 Hacksilver. Therefore, players shouldn’t hold on to these items & sell when possible.

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Where to Find Shattered Runes

Now that players know what to do with Shattered Runes, the question becomes where to find them. Thankfully, as players explore, they’ll naturally Advance across them through opening chests & defeating enemies. There’s no easy or surefire way to find them, but by the end of the lengthy God of War Ragnarok campaign, players will likely be swimming in them.

The biggest ways to Advance across Shattered Runes are to open chests or defeating various world & subbosses as many of them will reward these. In addition, God of War Ragnarok also has collectible treasure maps which are r&omly found while exploring. Giving players a drawn picture & small blurb, they’re tasked with finding this location to earn valuable rewards & resources including the aforementioned Shattered Runes.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.

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