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Atreus’ Best Trait is His Empathy


God of War Ragnarok’s Atreus is highly empathetic toward any character he meets, from Jotunheim & Asgard, all while also pursuing his own destiny.

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PLEASE NOTE: This article contains MAJOR Spoilers for God of War Ragnarok. Proceed at your own risk.God of War Ragnarok gives a lot more attention to Atreus. This is done by having him be his own playable protagonist, instead of simply being one of God of War Ragnarok’s companion characters. Being playable & separated from Kratos gives Atreus a great opportunity to express more of his character, as seen in Jotunheim with Angrboda & in Asgard with Odin. Atreus is a much different character than his father, & it is incredible to see how much Atreus’ empathy plays out in conversations with others.


Players may be accustomed now to Kratos’ discerning grunts as a means of communication, & as such, Atreus’ open-hearted dialogue is a refreshing change of pace. Atreus desperately wants to flesh out his destiny & determine what the prophecy states his future will look like, knowing that he may have some part to play in the events of Ragnarok. Atreus & Kratos create a b& of ragtag gods & dwarves to help aid them in their battle against Odin, but Atreus’ narrative interactions with all these characters show that his empathy is his strongest characteristic.

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God of War Ragnarok’s Atreus is Starkly Different from the 2018 Game


God of War’s Atreus was highly irritating due to his impressionable attitudes & general snottiness toward Kratos. Some of this behavior was deserved as Kratos learns to underst& his son better, & they are both grieving a close loved one, but having Atreus with players at almost all times in God of War only accentuated how bothersome he can be. This could be chalked up to how Atreus is prepubescent in God of War & has not yet developed an emotional intelligence, especially considering the fact that Kratos is not an openly loving father in the beginning of the game. But even though this may not be his fault, it is still a glaring blemish on his character as Kratos is held in the limelight.

However, Atreus is an adolescent in God of War Ragnarok & his role is much larger. Atreus, who now sometimes goes by his Giant name Loki, is a much different character in this installment & that is shown in how he interacts with other characters. Atreus’ empathy is remarkable because even when he is talking to someone who despises him, he wants to hear them out & underst& their perspectives. This is true of when he visits Freya in Midgard, & it is also through his passionate goal of learning his true path that he decides to meet with Odin in Asgard.

God of War Ragnarok’s Asgard Sequences Represent a Vital Perspective


Asgard offers a unique perspective from the antagonists of the game. Here, Atreus meets some characters who have complex moralities, such as Thrud & Sif, while others are purely antagonistic, such as God of War Ragnarok’s Heimdall.

Thor’s character in God of War Ragnarok is delicately balanced between these two perspectives, where he behaves like a drunken maniac but truly loves his wife & daughter. Atreus gets to spend time with each of these characters on expeditions for Odin, where he learns more about them & empathizes with them further. These characters listen to Atreus, & it is clear that he has positive effects on them through his underst&ing of their issues.

Atreus knows that his & Thrud’s families are perhaps inherently enemies, but he can see the good in them & does not want to believe that a conflict is the only ending to their shared story. As Kratos states during Ragnarok, it is Atreus’ decisions & the relations he has made with different characters that create such a positive conclusion for them in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.

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