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How God of War Ragnarok H&les The Effects of Alcoholism In A Family


MAJOR SPOILERS AHEADGod of War Ragnarok may be about the great war of the Norse realm, but it is also a story about family. Kratos & Atreus, Freya & Odin, Brok & Sindri – these are but a few relationships that keep the epic grounded & relatable to players. But while the relationships on Kratos’ side are expected to be elaborated on in the sequel, God of War Ragnarok also talks about Thor’s Asgardian family.

One of the main antagonists of the game, Thor quickly makes his presence known by arriving at Kratos & Atreus’s house with his father Odin. Loyal to the All-father to a fault, Thor blindly follows his father’s orders without thinking for himself. But behind this loyal lapdog is a son who never to the approval of his father & a man who wants to do right by his own family.


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God of War: Ragnarok’s Thor Wants to Be a Family Man

Thor & Thrud in God of War Ragnarok

Thor is the husb& of Sif & the father of three children: Magni, Modi, & Thrud. Magni & Modi were killed by Kratos & Atreus respectively in the first game, leaving Thrud the only surviving child of the god of thunder. Unlike her brothers, however, Thrud has a good head on her shoulders & is training to become a valkyrie despite her mother Sif’s wishes.

It is mentioned in a conversation between Mimir & Atrus that both Thor & Sif weren’t always so parent-like. Both of them liked to get into fights just as much as they reveled in drinking each other under the table. This all changed once Sif had Thrud. She decided to forgo her rambunctious lifestyle to look after her daughter. And though she managed to get Thor to go sober for times on end, she wasn’t always successful.

Odin Leaves Thor Drowning in Misery

Thrud & Atreus carry Thor in God of War Ragnarok

Due to his strained relationship with Odin, Thor frequently falls back into his old ways & resumes drinking, much to the dismay of Sif & Thrud. This only gets worse after the deaths of Magni & Modi, as Thor blames not only Kratos & Atreus but himself as well (though he would never like to admit it). While Thor manages to stave off drinking for most of God of War Ragnarok, the constant insults from Odin & lack of gratitude for his deeds become too much that he eventually drowns his sorrows at the Black Thunder Asgardian pub.

It is here where Atreus & Thrud find Thor in a deeply inebriated state. The scene strikes Thrud more than it does Atreus. Thrud knows that Thor is trying his best as a father to both train her & be there for her mother, but his lack of affirmation as a son by Odin is clearly getting in the way of him doing so in a regular manner. She is devastated that Thor had to fall back into his old ways & begs him to start anew & stay sober as soon as he finishes destroying the Black Thunder pub in a bar brawl.

Thrud underst&s that Odin treated Thor badly but knows that it isn’t an excuse for her father to start drinking again. The pain on her face when she explains to Thor that she & Sif are there & love him very deeply projects disappointment & sadness that only a child with an absentee parent would know. While Thor acknowledges Thrud’s disappointment, there is little he can do in his drunken state.

As much as God of War Ragnarok deals with the affairs of gods, it also portrays them in a very human-like manner with their issues. Atreus mentions to Thor how finding him drunk in a pub hurt Thrud more than it hurt him. He tries to get through to Thor on their mission succeeding the drunken episode & even manages to slightly get the son of Odin to see reason. Thor’s part in the story is best-experienced firsth&, but it is one of the better portrayals of the Norse god ever seen in a piece of media.

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS4 & PS5.

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