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Lawsuit Claims Google Paid Activision Blizzard Not to Build an App Store


Google is facing allegations from Epic Games of paying Activision-Blizzard millions of dollars to not open up its own app store.

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A lawsuit filed against Google by Epic Games in 2020 has recently become unredacted, revealing allegations that Google paid Activision-Blizzard to not open up its own app store. The lawsuit also alleged that Google paid & wanted to team up with Tencent, a Huge stakeholder in Epic Games, in a move to try to purchase the company.

This news is among the latest of developments regarding the legal battle that began in 2020 when Epic Games filed separate lawsuits against Apple & Google after Fortnite was removed from the App Store & Play Store. This removal was prompted by Epic Games’ encouragement of players to buy V-Bucks, Fortnite‘s in-game currency, directly from Epic Games rather than going through the App Store or Play Store, a move that helped Epic Games avoid having to pay fees on transactions made through these stores. Although the lawsuit by Epic Games against Apple ended last year, the tech company soon after came under investigation by the U.K. government for anti-competitive behavior.


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This leads to the latest development with the lawsuit against Google being recently unredacted, showing that Epic Games accused Google of paying Activision-Blizzard $360 million over the course of three years to keep the company from opening its own app store. As reported by Reuters, Google labeled the lawsuit as “baseless & full of mischaracterizations.” Meanwhile, Lulu Cheng Meservey, Activision’s executive vice president of corporate affairs, publicly denied the allegations & asserted that documents & testimony have been submitted that prove them as false.

Another allegation from the lawsuit was that Google planned to buy Epic Games by teaming up with Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent as well as paying Tencent’s Riot Games unit, known for developing League of Legends & Valorant, $30 million dollars over one year. Much of the animosity between Epic Games & Google has been sparked by Google taking 30% of every transaction made through the Play Store, which was also the catalyst for an antitrust lawsuit filed in the U.S. last year.

A major factor in this latest development is that Activision-Blizzard, a company with its own share of legal issues, has now been roped into the legal battle between Epic Games & Google. These circumstances have led to skepticism over whether Activision-Blizzard’s word can be trusted in regard to these latest allegations. Although Activision-Blizzard did take action in response to lawsuits filed against the company last year, there is reason to question how transparent the company will be as the current situation unfolds.

In any case, the Rotten blood between Epic Games & Google is unlikely to end anytime soon, whether it be inside or outside the courtroom. Only half the battle has ended concerning the two lawsuits filed in 2020, & only time will tell regarding the future of Fortnite on mobile devices.

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