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Most Ruthless Characters In The Series


There is perhaps no franchise riddled with crimes as a mechanic than Gr& Theft Auto. The famed series has players shoot, steal, & everything in between. The only thing that can make Gr& Theft Auto seem somewhat reasonable with its carnage, is to provide the player with more ruthless ways of grounding them in this specific reality from Rockstar Games.

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There have been some great characters in the Gr& Theft Auto franchise over the years, & with GTA 6 well underway, there’s bound to be more. However, some of these characters are ruthless in their methods, no matter the location or the hardships.


8/8 Officer Tenpenny

gr& theft auto san &reas tenpenny

As the main antagonist to Gr& Theft Auto: San Andreas, it’s no surprise that this villainous character would be ruthless. From the moment audiences are introduced to Tenpenny, they see that not only does he have the voice talents of Samuel L. Jackson, but he is entirely abusive to other people, & has an intimidating “ownership” over the protagonist, Carl Johnson.

What makes Tenpenny more ruthless than others is the fact that he is a police officer. He is supposed to uphold the law & respect those trying to turn a new leaf. For Tenpenny, a former convict is someone to be pressed & used. Tenpenny is an entirely corrupt cop.

7/8 GTA Online Protagonist

gta online key art

What character could be crueler than that the player? GTA Online offers the player plenty of opportunities throughout their time in the game, but none are without crime. As one of 30 players on a map, the GTA Online protagonist can do whatever they want. From stealing cars, killing people, or starting a war with Gr& Theft Auto’s version of Mark Zuckerberg.

There are plenty of ruthless activities that the GTA Online protagonist gets up to in the game, & there’s a deeper connection to said character, considering they are the personification & identity of the player controlling them.

6/8 Ricardo Diaz

WORST Ricardo Diaz Cropped

By 1986, Ricardo Diaz became the drug baron of Vice City. This character is exactly what is expected from Gr& Theft Auto: Vice City, & dem&s respect from others as he rises through the ranks as the leader of his drug cartel. Diaz sees life as brilliant, as he has everything he needs. However, his needs revolve entirely around drugs & money, everything that he equates to power.

Diaz sees himself as somewhat untouchable. The police expect him to get away with almost 20 murders, & that’s only the ones they think they know about. Diaz is no stranger to allowing people to get horrifically tortured, & will manipulate others beneath him to get his way.

5/8 Carl Johnson

Screenshot from Gr& Theft Auto: San Andreas showing CJ in the woods.

As the protagonist of Gr& Theft Auto: San Andreas, audiences will become familiar with Carl Johnson the moment his first act is to steal a bicycle. Carl is somewhat sympathetic, as he always feels dragged down by the very home he grew up in, with the people he surrounds himself with being dreamless & stuck in the same place he left them in.

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However, Carl Johnson’s sympathy does not make him any less ruthless. Whether it’s with a spray can in h&, or a jetpack on his back, Carl Johnson will kill gang members & police to fight his way through a cruel life. CJ is responsible for many deaths in the game & returned specifically to get revenge on those that wronged him & take Grove Street by force.

4/8 Avery Duggan

avery duggan in gta online

A character introduced in GTA Online, Avery Duggan was a great threat to the protagonists & the Diamond Casino & Resort. Avery Duggan acted as the antagonist for this DLC & was the leader of his own family of Texans with great power & wealth. Duggan sought to bankrupt the Diamond Casino through any violent means to have the owners sell the casino to him for a cheap price.

Duggan threatens the GTA Online protagonists with his vast wealth, & as a businessman, it’s untold just how many pies he has his fingers in from around the world. Duggan shows his ruthlessness in the ways that he tries to have the player killed, with an abundance of attack helicopters & mercenaries.

3/8 Martin Madrazo

Martin Madrazo e1565114733941 1

Martin may have a few disagreements with the Gr& Theft Auto 5 cast of characters, but that is to be expected. After all, he had one of his houses destroyed by Michael, & his wife kidnapped by Trevor. Needless to say, Martin deserves his revenge, but as the head of his drug cartel, Madrazo is certainly someone that players do not want to need revenge on.

Martin Madrazo is one of the supporting characters of Gr& Theft Auto5 & is not afraid to use his wealth & power to get what he wants. He craves money & power, just like any other ruthless businessman. Madrazo isn’t afraid of killing witnesses that may accuse him of running a Mexican-American gang, & it is unknown just how deep his crimes go.

2/8 Niko Bellic

Niko holding a gun in Gr& Theft Auto 4

Growing up in Yugoslavia, Niko Bellic had a hard life, in which he killed, smuggled, & sold people. Niko leaves his old life behind & puts away his job as a hired gun & organized crime syndicate member to become a humble taxi driver with his cousin in Liberty City. However, as a Gr& Theft Auto 4 protagonist, it wouldn’t be the right series if things went haywire, & Niko returned to his old ways.

Niko has been a veteran of war, & therefore is not afraid to pick up a gun & do what he needs to do. Gr& Theft Auto 4presents a great story on immigration & the American Dream, but it seems that Niko’s ideal for the American Dream is to find & kill two men, a ruthless act of revenge rather than a fresh start.

1/8 Trevor Philips

Gr& Theft Auto 5 Trevor Actor Steven Ogg Sends Bizarre Cameo to Fan

Perhaps no character in Gr& Theft Auto history has been more vulgar & violent than Trevor Philips. This character was introduced in Gr& Theft Auto 5 & has since gone on to be one of the franchise’s defining characters. Trevor is entirely ruthless & isn’t afraid to go on a killing spree over something as simple as a Canadian accent joke, or not being given a sip of a stranger’s beer.

Not only is Trevor brutally ruthless, but he’s certainly someone that lacks friends for a good reason. He’s entirely abusive to them & uses them for everything they have & all their worth. Trevor has killed an unknown amount of people, & despite a career in crimes, he still lives in squaller.

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