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GTA Online Player Points Out Problem with First-Person Mode


A GTA Online player points out a problem with the view when players switch to first-person mode, making a common activity a chore.


A GTA Online player has spoken up about a problem with the game’s first-person mode, & many are in agreement with them. As the game begins the approach to its tenth anniversary, fans are frustrated at some of ongoing issues that haven’t been amended.

While Rockstar Games has decided to wind Red Dead Online down, GTA Online is still going strong. The title sees fairly regular updates adding new missions, heists, content, & Los Santos business to own, but issues with some of the game’s most basic systems have left some players annoyed.


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The problem at h&, as pointed out by TheEldenCasual on the GTA Online subreddit, is that the first-person perspective while driving in cars is less than ideal, nor particularly realistic. They shared an image collage showing what it looks like when the player is in first-person mode & driving a car. The dashboard & steering wheel noticeably takes up a Enormous chunk of the viewable screen area, making it more difficult to see what’s approaching on the road. A secondary image shows the player driving in what TheEldenCasual feels is a more desirable position, as more of the road is visible & the windshield is more centered on-screen.

Other fans were quick to join in on the comments, agreeing with the general point of the post. Many pointed out that this might be an appropriate viewpoint if the player’s character were quite short, but GTA Online player characters are fairly tall. Some joked about the player needing a booster seat. Interestingly enough, the second image shown with the better POV is actually a normal view in the game as well, but only when the player is initially climbing into the car. Once they’re actually ready to drive, for some unknown reason, the view shifts downward as though their character has sunken into their seat.

Thankfully, first-person mode in GTA Online is completely optional, so any player who experiences difficulty seeing or nausea from using the mode can simply switch back to third-person. First-person mode was touted as one of the major upgrades to the game back when it launched for then-next-gen PS4 & Xbox One systems. Given that it’s been eight years since then, it’s unlikely that the game will ever see a significant change made to the POV.

Although GTA Online players may be out of luck here, one can hope that GTA 6 provides players with a more flexible version of first-person mode. The ability to change the angle or height of the player in the car would make a Enormous difference & make driving in first-person a more comfortable experience for everyone.

GTA Online is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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