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Leak Reveals Guilty Gear Strive’s Potential Next DLC Character


The cast of characters in Guilty Gear Strive may get a first-time fighter if a new leak about the game circulating on social media is confirmed.

Leak Reveals Guilty Gear Strive's Potential Next DLC Character

A leak revealed the identity of the potential next fighter to be added to Guilty Gear Strive via DLC. A critical & commercial success, Guilty Gear Strive added Sin Kiske to the cast of playable characters recently. Along with Bridget, the fighter is part of Season Pass 2 of the game developed by Arc System Works.

Guilty Gear Strive is the eighth entry in the main game series & is intended to be a “complete rebuild” of the franchise for beginners. The game ditched the Blitz Shield/Attack & Danger Time mechanics present in Guilty Gear Xrd & introduced the Wall-Wreck mechanic. In the story, players head to the final confrontation with That Man, the person responsible for all the destruction & damage caused to the world & its inhabitants. Guilty Gear Strive has 15 characters in the base game & seven DLC characters, a list that may soon grow longer if a new leak is confirmed.


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Dataminer UltIMa647 posted on their Twitter account the results of their analysis of the game files. According to them, the game has two hidden dialogue captions, & these are directed at Sin Kiske. These dialogs usually take place at the beginning of each match, in which Sin Kiske addresses a character being referred to as DLL. The dataminer’s speculation is that Strive’s next DLC character is Delilah, Bedman’s younger sister, continuing the Season Pass 2 journey that began by adding Bridget to Guilty Gear Strive. Since this is a leak it should be noted that speculation should be taken with a grain of salt.

Delilah makes an appearance in the Guilty Gear Strive Another Story DLC, but not as a playable character. Despite this, Bedman’s sister does meet some characters from the series including Baiken, one of the characters from the first season pass that also brought Testament to the Guilty Gear Strive cast. If the information is confirmed, this will be Delilah’s debut as a playable character in the Guilty Gear series, a similar process to what happened with Goldlewis Dickinson & Happy Chaos who first appeared in the game’s story mode before being released as playable characters.

Guilty Gear Strive was released just over a year ago & won the award for the best fighting game at The Game Awards 2021, the most-watched edition of The Game Awards. Although Daisuke Ishiwatari, the director of Strive & a mainstay of the Guilty Gear series, is unsure about the future of the franchise or his involvement, the game shows no signs of fatigue. October saw the cross-platform network open beta test of Guilty Gear Strive, proving that Arc System Works continues to work to bring content & improvements to players of one of the most popular fighting game franchises.

Guilty Gear Strive is available on PC, PS4, & PS5.

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