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Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 7 Review


The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, “Shall We Gundam?,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

After taking about two weeks of hiatus, Gundam: The Witch From Mercury finally came back with its 7th episode. The fans have certainly been impatiently waiting for this episode to drop. After all, the sixth episode was such a blast to watch, so it goes without saying that we want to see more of Suletta & Aerial on screen.

Not only that, episode 6 revealed so much information & raised tons of questions about the series as a whole. And the fact that they decided to take a Fracture for two weeks only made the fans craft their own conspiracy theory as to what was actually happening in the story. So now that we finally get the chance to see episode 7, let’s see what other new information that we can get this time around.


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Shall We Gundam?

Gundam Witch From Mercury E07 Gund-Arm Inc

Episode 7 focuses on a high-class event called the “Incubation Party”, which is actually more like a giant conference where entrepreneurs can pitch their new & groundbreaking ideas to hundreds of potential investors in the room. Sort of like a beef-up version of Shark Tank. As the current top duelist, Suletta is invited to the event, along with Miorine. Suletta decided to Advance because she wants to meet Elan. The real Elan Ceres does Advance to the event, but he has a nefarious plan for Suletta.

Elan invited Suletta to st& on the podium with him. But then the representative from the Peil Technologies appears & admits that the Pharact that Elan used in his latest duel was indeed a Gundam. Not only that, they also manage to fool Suletta into admitting that Aerial is actually a Gundam as well. Immediately, the members of the Benerit Group dem& the total destruction of both Gundams.

Fortunately, Miorine once again comes to rescue the helpless Suletta. She proposes to acquire both Gundams, along with their development teams, & merge them under a new company. At first, nobody wants to invest on Miorine’s proposal. Not even her own father. Not one to give up, Miorine swallow her pride, lower her head, & beg for her father to at least invest a bit of money on her proposed company so that the others will follow suit. Her father reluctantly agreed, & decided to invest, which prompted the other investors to chip in as well. As a result, a new company called Gund-Arm Inc. is born.

Promising Character And Story Development

Gundam Witch From Mercury E07 Miorine Presentation

As you can see from the summary above, the story has become much more complicated in such a short amount of time. Gone are the days of a relaxing Gundam school drama. From now on, the series will focus on the new Gundam company that Miorine just founded. This means we finally get to see the business war that was promised to us at the beginning of this series.

The current storyline is actually a reminiscence of the Tekkadan situation from the previous Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphan. And we know how exciting that trade wars turned out to be. So it seems that we can expect a much more complex & treacherous version of those trade wars in Gundam: The Witch From Mercury.

Not only that, we also get the chance to witness a character development for some key characters in this episode, with the biggest one being Miorine. Seven episodes in, & we already see her slowly but surely turning into a much more caring, calculating, & daring person than she was back in episode one. And that is great news, because she seems to be the one who moves the story forward nowadays.

The U.C. Gundam Protagonist Syndrome

Gundam Witch From Mercury E07 Suletta Piel Technologies-1

If Miorine gets her chance to shine in episode 7, the same thing can’t be said to our supposed main character, Suletta Mercury. There’s barely any chance in her personality since we saw her back in the first episode. She is still the same awkward & naive girl. What’s even worse, it seems that Suletta suffered from the U.C. protagonist syndrome.

If you look back on the majority of the main characters on the Universal Century Gundam series, almost all of them share the same characteristic. They all are extremely talented pilots that can defeat numerous enemies alone, & yet outside the cockpit, they are just a bunch of whiny, bratty, naive, & short-sighted people. That statement is true for Amuro Ray of the Original Gundam, Kamille Bidan of Zeta Gundam, & Banagher Links of Gundam Unicorn. Even young Hathaway Noa suffers through the same condition in Gundam: Char’s Counterattack.

In her defense, Suletta is just a teenage girl who never sets foot outside of Mercury before, & now she has to face not only the different people in her school, but also the wrath of the Benerit Group. So it is quite underst&able that she will make lots of mistakes along the way. We can only hope that she will receive a good character development in the subsequent episodes so that she can move on from this annoying phase of her life.

Although episode 7 doesn’t have any action whatsoever, we get a fascinating & thrilling drama instead. Based on what happened in this episode, we can expect the story to move steadily towards the dizzying political intrigue & economic wars with outst&ing military conflicts along the way. That being said, while Miorine display a great character development in this episode, Suletta barely have any character development at all. Hopefully her character get the chance to grow & develop in the subsequent episodes.

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