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High on Life Will Use Achievements for Comedy


The developers at Squanch Games reveal that creator Justin Roil&’s unique sense of humor will carry over into High on Life’s comedic achievements.


The community lead for Squanch Games, the gaming studio founded by Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roil&, stated during a recent interview that Roil&’s off-beat sense of humor will permeate every element of upcoming shooter High on Life, including the game’s achievements. The off-the-wall shooter will let players take control of an arsenal of talking guns when it comes to PC & Xbox in December, & Xbox Game Pass subscribers can already pre-load High on Life ahead of the game’s release.


High on Life is the latest title from developer Squanch Games following 2019’s crude but charming VR-focused Trover Saves the Universe, & represents the largest release to date for the small studio. The comedic shooter’s story would feel at home in a Rick & Morty episode, tasking players with saving the day after an alien drug cartel invades earth “to get high off humanity.” Although the game takes place from a first-person perspective, the developers have stated that High on Life is a Metroidvania-style game when it comes to its overall structure, allowing players to gain new abilities to open previously inaccessible areas.

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In an interview with True Achievements, Squanch Games community lead Jordyn Halpern provided a bit more information about what players can expect from the comedy shooter when it arrives in December as a day one release on Xbox Game Pass. Echoing previous developer statements, Halpern explained that High on Life lets players choose their own path through the game’s large worlds, choosing which skills & weapons they want to focus on. Halpern states that the game rewards exploration with both new gear & hidden jokes sprinkled throughout the title, & that this humor-focused approach will carry over into the game’s achievements.

High On Life Cover art

Discussing High on Life’s achievements, Halpern remarked that gamers could expect “a ton of bizarre & humor-driven achievements” in addition to the st&ard achievements found in other titles. Much like some jokes will only be found by players who explore every inch of the game’s multiple worlds, it sounds like gamers interested in experiencing all the “quintessential Justin Roil& humor” the title has to offer will need to unlock all of the achievements. Halpern ends the interview by sharing their excitement at being able to contribute to Roil&’s cinematic universe & hinting that anything is possible in such a multiverse, possibly opening the door for Rick & Morty to show up in future High on Life DLC.

High on Life looks set to provide a unique, & likely hilarious, take on first-person shooters when it arrives on PC & Xbox Game Pass in December. While the game’s comedy may not l& with everyone, it’s certain to provide a change of pace from the recent wave of military shooters. Given Justin Roil&’s history of skewering nearly everything in pop culture, High on Life’s talking guns may have something to say about those other shooters, too.

High on Life launches December 13 for PC, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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