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Do you need an attorney with maritime experience in Houston? There is no lawyer who does not want a good one, but finding one is like sifting through barren land in search of gold.

His career has been characterized by hundreds of wins and no losses.

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Every individual wants the best result they can get from their lives and is willing to spend whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Further, here is a list of Houston maritime lawyers who have won cases exceeding $10 billion with some of the world’s biggest companies. The lawyers can therefore handle any accident case even if it involves a simple accident.

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This lawyer will ensure you win your motorcycle accident case at a lower price when your case involves a motorbike accident. Whether you are an ordinary individual or a corporate executive, you should contact them so that you can win your complicated case easily.

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Best Houston Maritime Attorney
Best Houston Maritime Attorney

Houston Maritime Lawyer – Top Ranking

With the help of this top Houston lawyer list, you are certain to win even the most complicated cases.

1.Kurt B. Arnold (Most known Houston maritime attorney)

  • The award has been recognized since 2016
  • It is located at 6009 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77007
  • Admiralty and maritime law are her areas of expertise
  • The website is
  • Contact us for a free consultation at (888) 493-1629

2. Jason Itkin

  • The award has been recognized since: 2018
  • I am located at 6009 Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas, 77007
  • Maritime law, mass tort litigation, and accidents
  • Maritime and Admiralty Class Actions – Plaintiffs
  • is a law firm’s website.
  • The website is
  • (888) 493 1629 is the company’s telephone number

Best Houston Attorney

3. Lemor ben Maier (Most valuable Houston maritime attorney)

  • It has been recognized since 2021
  • Houston, Texas 77002 1001 Mckinney Street, Suite 1400
  • Admiralty and maritime law are her areas of expertise
  • The website is

4. Micajah D. “Caj” Boatright

  • The award has been recognized since 2018
  • Houston, TX 77007 6009 Memorial Drive
  • Maritime and admiralty law are among his practice areas
  • Visit the website
  • Contact us for a free consultation at (888) 493-1629
  • Christopher Todd Morrison, P.C
  • Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP – Accident & Injury Attorneys
  • James Patrick Cooney
  • J. Patrick “Pat” Cooney
  • Spagnoletti Law Firm
Best Houston Maritime Attorney


With its high density of businesses, Houston has an open environment for information to flow quickly, especially within the maritime industry. A Maritime Injury suit against one of the Houston-area companies makes the other companies in the area pay attention.

A maritime injury case does not usually garner much attention from either party. In fact, most do not receive much attention at all. The majority of them do not. When a maritime lawyer enters the case on the victim’s side, the opposite side often decides that it is in the client’s best interest to settle out of court.

Often, an offer that expresses the presumption that “sign here, we’ll finish this” is withdrawn and replaced by an offer that is more substantial and fair. Once you stop using intimidation tactics, they will usually leave you alone and let your attorney handle the situation.

Intimidation tactics should not be used when dealing with maritime injury claims. Maritime law is unlike any other type of law you may be familiar with. Maritime law is constantly evolving, as well. Since their inception, the Merchant Marine Act and Jones Act have been updated multiple times, and there are currently calls for their revision, and even repeal. Best Houston Maritime Attorney


Even though Houston maritime law firms and their employees have helped thousands of victims of maritime accidents, there is always something new. These cases set precedent for future cases of a similar nature across the country.


During a crane accident in which a crane operator fell trying to reach a control that should have been easier to reach, American Seafoods, the ship’s owner, was found negligent for failing to provide a safe working environment for the operator.

This worker was required to operate a crane mounted in the middle of the trawl deck. Cranes are usually operated via wireless remote control, so workers can use them in inclement weather. At the time of the accident, there was no remote control available. As the chief engineer was concerned that it might be misplaced by the passengers, he removed it from service.

The crane could not be used until he had climbed a ladder to reach the control tower. Although it was stated in both company policy and the ladder’s specifications that the rungs be evenly spaced, the ladder had substandard spacing. This occurred as the ladder’s rung spacing was uneven and the ladder lacked a handrail, causing the worker to collapse and damage his knees.

Despite not meeting the company’s ladder safety policy, the case was ultimately won due to the ladder used. The judgment was $900,000 in favor of the plaintiff.


The case ultimately reached the US court of appeals, which established a precedent for what constitutes reasonable care and seaworthiness.

Frank C. Mitchell slipped on the stairs after getting slimy hands on the handrail of the fishing trawler Racer. According to multiple reports, the boat was unreliable, and the crew was negligent. In spite of ignorance regarding the handrail’s condition, the shipowner stated that reasonable care had been taken to ensure the vessel’s maintenance and that the handrail was in a temporary state.

Mitchell was able to collect maintenance and cure after the verdict for unseaworthiness, despite provisions in the Jones Act for negligence and standard maintenance.

He argued that the presiding judge erred in instructing the jury that in order for the plaintiff’s seaworthiness claim to stand, the defendant was required to know about the slime on the handrail and not take any action as a result. According to the appellate court, in this case, the plaintiff failed to prove beforehand that the crew knew there was slime on board due to the presumption that there was no evidence to support her position. In the end, the case was overturned. The case was finally heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals, who subsequently reversed the decision.

A shipowner’s responsibility to provide a seaworthy vessel extends beyond taking reasonable precautions, and temporary conditions render a vessel unseaworthy do not relieve the owner of their duties.


When he held a manual crank handle on top of the electric winch, Gauvreaux (first name unavailable) was seriously injured. His previous method of releasing the winch was by hand cranking. During the trial, Gauvreaux was injured by the handle of the crank.

Gautier claimed Scurlock Marine failed to train him properly on how to use the boat’s manual crank, so he was entitled to sue them for negligence. It was Gautreaux’s specific training to deploy the manually operated winch crank on the Brooke Lynn towboat, where the accident occurred, that Scurlock attributed to Gautreaux’s injury. Apparently, he could have been better managed when it came to his safety.

Generally speaking, the Jones Act only requires a seaman to exercise “slight care” for his own safety, while maintaining a safe working environment is the responsibility of his employer. Lawyers for Scurlock contend that the court is following an incorrect interpretation of the law blindly.

It was determined that the court could not alter the “slight care” provision of the Jones Act, regardless of its correctness or fairness. Specifically, the statement said that the courts need to change how they interpret the law, and legislators need to change the laws themselves. need to change the laws themselves. Gautreaux was assessed 5% of the fault and Scurlock 95%, making the award a total of $854,000. After an appeals judge reduced the amount to $736,925, the lower figure was restored.

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