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I remember asking other parents how many swaddling blankets I should buy when expecting our son as a new parent. Can you please tell me how many receiving blankets, muslin blankets and cloth diapers I need?

I had a hard time deciding how many blankets I wanted, but more difficult still was knowing what they were intended for.

This article will answer your question “how many swaddling blankets do I need” and also provide additional information about babies and swaddling blankets, so you will not need to crack the nut on how many you need.

What Is A Swaddle?

It may seem like an expensive item of clothing for babies when you hear the word swaddle. Wrapping a newborn with a swaddle allows them to fall asleep without wriggling out. They do not wiggle out and the aim is to keep the baby from waking up too abruptly.

By imitating the warmth of the womb, the swaddle makes the baby feel as though they are still in the womb while also minimizing the effects of the startle reflex.

Is Swaddling A Recent Practice?

Swaddling is not a recent practice. In fact, it has been practiced for hundreds of years. Parents who have never heard of swaddling may wonder if this is a new concept. Nevertheless, the ancient art of swaddling has not changed. Through every civilization throughout history, it has been used to soothe infants to replace the warmth of the womb and enable them to sleep for extended periods of time.

Swaddling – Why Do I Do It?

There are several reasons why swaddling your baby is beneficial

As swaddling keeps your baby’s arms tight to their sides at night, it prevents the newborn startle reflex from waking them up.

Swaddling also allows your baby to feel calm and comforted since it provides the warmth of the womb and the swaddling wrap is womb-like.

Additionally, swaddling your baby provides great warmth while he or she sleeps.

By swaddling your baby, you will help him or her sleep on his or her back.

Keeping your baby calm when they suddenly wake up at night is made easier by swaddles which mimic the mother’s touch.

Swaddles are extremely helpful in soothing colic babies.

Babies can sleep well when they’re swaddled, since they’re not disturbed by crying and screaming.

How Many Swaddling Blankets Do I Need? |How many swaddles do I need

Swaddling blankets come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you need as many as you need for the purpose you intend to use them for.

New mothers were surveyed and the consensus was that a newborn’s wardrobe should contain three to six swaddles. One or two spares can be worn, washed, and given away.

As long as they meet a number of criteria, you can keep as many swaddles in their wardrobe as they want. The following section discusses the number of swaddles needed for different situations.

How many swaddles do I need

The different types of swaddles for each time of day

Swaddling your baby in a sack-style swaddle is a great option at night because it ensures a firm, but soft cover that doesn’t become floppy after the baby wakes up. Keeping your baby snuggled in a swaddle sack can be helpful when you’re out and about.

During nap time (anytime during the day), traditional swaddles (muslin) are fantastic. You would need to swaddle your baby six times (three each) if you go by the above equation.

  • Laundry Frequency
  • Swaddles And Spitting Up

Laundry Frequency

In addition, how often you wash will impact the number of swaddles you need. Depending on how often you launder, you may have to double the number of swaddles. The number of swaddles your baby will need will depend on the type of swaddle you use and when it will be used.

Swaddles And Spitting Up

It is normal for newborns to spit up. Most healthy babies with infant gastroesophageal reflux spit up in their first three months.

As a mother of an infant suffering from spit-ups and vomiting, you will have to deal with more than just your baby’s bib and swaddle getting ruined. To double the number of swaddles you initially purchased, simply double the number of the minimum swaddles. You won’t have to strap your infant to the laundry machine every time you wash it.

There are different types of swaddles

A typical swaddle consists of two types: a traditional swaddle and a swaddle sack.

  • Traditional Swaddles
  • Swaddle Sacks

Traditional Swaddles

Swaddles are traditional clothing for babies dating back hundreds of years. In essence, it’s a large, thin blanket that can be used as a swaddle, burp cloth, and blanket.

Swaddle Sacks

Wrapping a baby this way isn’t easy for parents who aren’t used to it. Swaddle sacks are the ideal solution. Zippers, rings, snaps, and Velcro usually come with swaddles, helping to make swaddling your baby easier.

These sacks come with an adjustable closure with hooks and loops, so that you can adjust them according to the size and comfort of the baby.

Materials used in the manufacture are also soft and breathable, which prevents overheating of the swaddle’s internal environment regardless of outside temperature.

Is it possible to swaddle every baby?

The majority of newborns are safe and sound to be swaddled. However, some exceptions exist. Swaddling may tend to aggravate hip dysplasia or other hip conditions, so if your baby has hip dysplasia, consult your doctor before trying swaddling.

Also, keep in mind that every baby is unique, and some may not feel comfortable in a swaddle, or may be more at ease with their torsos being swaddled while their arms are free.

How Long Should I Swaddle My Baby

As per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you should stop swaddling a baby after 2 months of age. Your baby may have developmental issues if you continue to swaddle him/her after this age.

As soon as your baby begins to roll over, swaddling could pose a danger, since babies shouldn’t be able to use their arms once they are lying on their stomachs.

Once your baby reaches this age, sleep sacks or blankets that don’t restrict your baby’s movement can be used. This is especially true when the baby is rolling over. We now have to ask, how many muslin blankets and receiving blankets do you need?

How Many Receiving Blankets Do I Need? (How many swaddles do I need)

You need different numbers of receiving blankets depending on whether you will also use them for swaddling your newborn. In this case, 3 to 4 receiving blankets are adequate if you’re using a specially engineered swaddle blanket.

Swaddling your newborn is fine if you swaddle more than you need. Some mothers say you can save time and energy by swaddling a newborn for a minimum of 5, but up to 20 times (when washing your baby). The blanket feels very cozy and soft to hold. There aren’t many reasons you should have too many blankets.

Receiving blankets are useful for a number of reasons

You can rest assured that even though you’re shocked at the idea of receiving so many blankets, they won’t be wasted. You can still use the Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets long after your baby outgrows swaddling.

Receiving blankets can be used to:

During nursing, make sure your baby’s clothes are kept safe from spills after burping or spitting up.

Comfort your baby when he or she is lying on his or her stomach.

Nursing in public requires you to cover yourself.

Do a diaper change while holding your baby.

Traveling with your baby in a car seat or stroller requires that you cover your baby.

Visit family or spend an afternoon at the park with your baby and give them a place to play or lay.

Be sure to reassure your child when they are transitioning to bed or their room. Babies love their own blanket of security.

Therefore, having more receiving blankets than fewer cannot be wasteful!

What are the differences between swaddles and receiving blankets?

It is still unclear to many new parents what the difference is between a swaddle blanket and a receiving blanket. The thin, lightweight baby wraps to swaddle and receive when a baby is first born are both thin and lightweight.

If you would like to avoid getting confused between receiving blankets and swaddles, remember this: Receiving blankets can be used as swaddles, but some swaddles cannot be used as receiving blankets.

Swaddles and receiving blankets differ mainly in that the former may come with different features. Swaddling blankets include zippers, Velcro straps, pockets, wings, and other features. Receiving blankets are rectangular or square blankets that do not have any embellishments.

Simple, yet versatile, the receiving blanket is the perfect baby accessory. Either use it as a normal blanket to cover your child or put it on top of a crib sheet as a makeshift crib sheet.

Another difference between a swaddle and a receiving blanket is a swaddle is usually larger.

IF YOU’RE UNCERTAIN AND CANNOT DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE TWO, I’d recommend going for the blankets marketed specifically as swaddles. They are designed exclusively for swaddling, so you won’t have any difficulties using them.

How Many Muslin Blankets Do I Need?

When you decide what you’ll be using muslin blankets for, figuring out how many you need becomes less complicated. In a survey carried out by a U.K. producer of muslin blankets they surveyed mothers and found that mothers needed between five and fifteen muslin blankets, with 35% saying you can never have too many!

The reason I buy so many blankets made of muslin

Muslin Swaddle Blankets from BaeBae Goods are perfect for swaddling, cleaning up spills, wiping away spit-ups, and covering up while nursing the baby since they are lightweight.

Although they make excellent receiving blankets, mullin blankets aren’t as comfortable. Therefore, even if you do laundry only once or twice a week, if you choose to buy 5, 7, or 20, you can never have too many.


We should discuss swaddling safety tips before we conclude this post to prevent babies from being harmed.

  • Wash Before Use
  • Avoid Over-Swaddling
  • Put Hands Over Chest
  • Stop Swaddling When They Start Rolling

Wash Before Use

Swaddles are usually ready to wear as soon as they are removed from their packaging. It is a good idea to wash them before using them, even though they are clean and harmless. We will clean every last bit of manufacturing stench and stain on the cloth with this wash.

Avoid Over-Swaddling

Wrap your baby once or twice to keep it warm, but do not double wrap or swaddle it. It is best to dress your baby in warm clothing, rather than double-swaddling him or her when it is cold outside. With one swaddle, your baby remains comfortable and breathable.

Put Hands Over Chest

It is strongly advised against swaddling a baby with their arms on the sides because it might restrict mobility and cause joint problems. You should instead wrap your child in a swaddle or if they are in a sack, zip/fasten the blanket instead.

Stop Swaddling When They Start Rolling

Rolling over starts at a different age for different babies. It is possible for some people to develop this new tendency as early as four months, while others may need more than six months.

Your baby should be allowed to sleep arm-free when he or she starts rolling over while being swaddled. You should consult your baby’s doctor for better advice.

There is a wind up of How many swaddles do I need

The problem is, this question cannot be answered definitively. There’s another factor to consider. Aside from contacting other parents, I reviewed my own experiences for my research. When estimating your crew size, you need to take into account the following factors:

How frequently do you plan to launder?

The numbers will have to be doubled or tripled if you are dealing with twins or triplets.

The blankets are for what you need them for.

Use blankets designed for the first two months of your newborn’s life.

It helps parents decide which path is best for their babies by having the right information. You might want to consider adding a few different blankets to your registry.

It won’t matter how many you get, I’m confident you’ll enjoy receiving and using them. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your mom’s friends or leave a comment below if you have any suggestions.

FAQS Related to How many swaddles do I need

Is It Better to Swaddle with Arms In or Out?

It is up to you which option you choose. You can keep your child’s arms out when swaddling if you feel it is more comfortable for your baby. Swaddling a baby with his/her arms inside the blanket is safer if they are placed at his/her chest.

Is It OK to Keep Baby Swaddled while Feeding?

During feeding, many babies doze off, especially if they are being swaddled. Make sure your baby gets enough nourishment while nursing so they do not fall asleep again.

Can Swaddle Cause Overheating?

Despite being made from light, breathable cotton, swaddles alone do not cause overheating. When the weather is not as cold, a baby wearing warm clothes, swaddled, and covered with a woolen blanket may begin to feel the heat. Therefore, do not wear more than one layer on your baby.

What If I am Unable to Wrap the Baby in a Swaddle Blanket?

The baby does not need to be snuggled up in a blanket if you can’t give it a muslin blanket. Swaddling your baby in a sack-style swaddle is another option. They offer the same functionality, and you can swaddle your child to make naps and sleeps more comfortable.

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