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How to Level Up Fast


Unlike other fighting games, Injustice 2 has a progression system more akin to an RPG. In the Injustice sequel, players not only choose characters to fight as, but they’re also able to equip them with Gear that enhances their stats & even level them up so they get stronger abilities. This progression allows players to not just master a character’s moveset but “grow” with them as well, gaining new abilities & stronger stats to make their mains a powerhouse, especially in the game’s multiplayer setting.


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However, for players just starting out, just how can they approach leveling up fast in this Injustice sequel? Fans of Injustice 2 who want a quicker path to glory may want to see if there are more efficient ways of maxing out the level of their characters. Thankfully, tinkering with the game’s mechanics & focusing on some high-XP rewards may simply do the trick.

Go For Instant Levels With Source Crystals

Source Crystals

Once players max out a character’s level to Level 20, they get an option to make their Injustice 2 gameplay much easier through the help of Source Crystals. After achieving this milestone with their first character, players now have the option to use a whopping 10,000 Source Crystals (or roughly $4.99) to level up another Injustice character to Level 20.

While it’s perfectly possible for players to slowly earn their way to 10,000 Source Crystals, this is the same currency used to purchase premium cosmetics. In turn, players may want to consider whether the level-up may be worth more than a coveted premium skin.

Use The No-Opponent Versus Exploit

Batman fighting Superman in Injustice 2

Players who want to level up quickly throughout their Injustice 2 playthrough but in the most tedious fashion may want to consider fighting no one in Versus Mode. To do this, players need another controller available for use & boot up Versus Match.

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Similar to a typical local match, players can pretend to have another person primed & ready for a multiplayer match. Since no one is actually using the other controller, players can simply beat up the idle opponent with or without Injustice 2 super moves. These quick & flawless victories can net as much as 900 XP in any match, compared to the st&ard 400-500 XP per match in a typical mode.

Grab XP-Boosting Gear

Gear in Injustice 2

Given how Injustice 2 has implemented a new Injustice 2 Gear system, it st&s to reason that equipping characters with the right Gear can drastically alter their performance in any match. However, seeing as to how this Injustice 2 mechanic transformed the game into a pseudo-RPG, players who want to level up fast may want to pay attention to Gear that boosts XP.

Since there are multiple gear options for players, they may very well equip one (1) or two (2) armor pieces that boost their XP through their Augments. Players also have the option to maximize these XP boosts if they Advance through armor sets.

Consider XP Bonuses From Match-Ups

Combat in progress in Injustice 2

A regular multiplayer match can net 400-500 XP for players, which means a regular level-up cycle might need players to win more or less 100 matches to level-up. This might seem a lot to take in, but these level-up processes only get tedious if players go through the process normally.

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What players might not realize is that the game does give them bonus XP in matches, provided players meet certain criteria while using Injustice 2 characters. Key bonus XP sources here is to finish the match as soon as possible (Timer Bonus), & to use as much stage transitions as possible (+200 XP per transition).

Rely On The AI Battle Simulator

Dishing out a super move in Injustice 2

Unlike other fighting games where players need to control their character during matches all the time, Injustice 2 gameplay offers the players the convenience of auto-battling. Although frowned upon in most other games, Injustice 2 sets itself apart by making sure its AI Battle Simulator component inside Multiplayer will have players setup AI loadouts to fight other AI loadouts.

This mode allows players to earn XP up to three (3) characters at the same time. While the matches will only net players around 150 XP per match, the ability to do matches at X4 speed does allow players to sift through them much faster than ordinary multiplayer matches & without having to use their perceived overpowered Injustice 2 characters.

Finish Tasks In The Multiverse

Multiverse in Injustice 2

Similar to other fighting games, Injustice 2 gameplay does offer a way for players to have nigh-endless matches. Compared to the typical Multiplayer Mode, Injustice 2 also has something called the Multiverse. Being a play on the DC Comics’ multiverse concept, the Multiverse in Injustice 2 gives players the opportunity to visit alternate timelines with “different” takes on the storyline, coming in the form of r&om arcade banners with set conditions.

Completing these conditions will net players various rewards such as Gear & Source Crystals. However, what’s more important is how accomplishing bonus tasks may also give players bonus XP. While this isn’t as “fast” as conventional XP-earning methods, this is certainly the least boring of the bunch.

Injustice 2 was released on May 11, 2017, for the PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, & PC.

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