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Jenna Ortega Talks Similarities Between Her & Wednesday Addams

With the launch of Wednesday, fans will be treated to a new rendition of the iconic Addams Family character. In a red carpet interview, actress Jenna Ortega, who plays the character on the Netflix series, explained how she’s similar to Wednesday Addams.

Netflix‘s Wednesday centers on its titular protagonist as she works out the inner machinations of Nevermore Academy, a school for young people who fit in with the likes of the Addams family – some are creepy, some are kooky, some are mysterious, some are spooky, & some are murderous. While Wednesday learns to interact with other peers her age, she retains her own deadpan, anti-social personality, refusing to conform even by Addams st&ards.


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In a red carpet interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ortega explained how she’s similar to Wednesday. “I think we both have dark senses of humor & can be very dry,” Ortega explained while wearing a black funeral veil. “We’re both very sarcastic people. We both like things like mutilation, stuff like that.”

Her deadpan delivery does sound like something Wednesday Addams might say if an interviewer asked her about her favorite pastimes. Ortega has previously called the Wednesday Addams role her scariest yet, but it doesn’t sound like the dark humor & subject matter are what’s keeping her up at night. Instead, Ortega underst&s that The Addams Family has a long history with fans, & she’s worried she won’t live up to expectations. Based on this interview, though, she’ll probably get the role down right.

Previous Wednesday featurettes have shown a Tim Burton-like quality to the series, which makes sense considering he directed the show, which would suit the tone of The Addams Family quite well. Ortega appears to be cognizant of what fans want & expect from the character, which could go a long way to endearing her to audiences. Her previous credits in Scream & You have had her as a victim more than anything, so it’ll be interesting to see Ortega showcase her range.

Fans will likely compare her rendition to Christina Ricci‘s (who also appears in the show as a different character). It’s simply inevitable, as The Addams Family films have become classic Halloween movies, & Ricci was iconic in the role. But Ortega could still make a splash & make the role her own.

Wednesday will be released on Netflix on November 23, 2022.

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