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A Live Service Approach Could Allow a New Killzone Game To Thrive


In the eyes of many who played it, Killzone is a franchise that deserved more love than it ever received – both from other gamers & Sony itself. Killzone 2, 3, & Shadow Fall all delivered some top-notch campaigns. Each entry offered stellar multiplayer experiences & cutting edge visuals, too, with even the PS Vita game Killzone Mercenary shining brightly. The series deserves a comeback, & to make it succeed, live service would be the way to go.


With Sony picking up Bungie & various reports suggesting that it is determined to make some successful live service titles – with Destruction All-Stars being a failed attempt at this – it only makes sense to do so with an established IP. Of all its dormant franchises, Killzone joins Insomniac’s Resistance as a perfect live service c&idate, as it is easy to imagine its multiplayer being supported for years.

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Killzone Can Continuously Provide Fresh Content & Cosmetics


When looking at successful live service games like Call of Duty, it is important to provide a wide variety of content. Fortunately, the Killzone franchise is in a perfect position to do just that. If done correctly, Guerrilla Games or another PlayStation Studios developer can revitalize Killzone, keeping players coming back with exciting content drops.

Starting with maps, Killzone already has an array of classics to pull from. While a launch lineup would surely be full of original maps that have not been seen in previous games, post-launch Seasons could start to restore some classics. Much like how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 brings back Shipment & Shoot House in its inaugural Season, extra content for Killzone could see the legendary Radec Academy & Blood Gracht brought fo life on next-gen consoles.

A live service style could see new weapons & modes added to a next-gen Killzone as well. While fresh Assault Rifles & Shotguns being dropped at a consistent rate would be nothing surprising, extra modes is where Killzone updates could shine. The co-op Intercept mode could Approach after launch & be consistently updated with new areas, objectives, & enemy types, making the game feel like a full package. Killzone 3’s Operations could return & be exp&ed upon as well, with another coming each Season to freshen things up. Ranked play & never-before-seen modes are also viable options.

As is always the case with games of this style, cosmetics would have to be a Huge deal, as they would be Sony’s main source of revenue. Fortunately, the orange-eyed Helghast & ISA are ripe for exciting customization options. The Helghast have already worn different outfits depending on their roles & the locations they fight in, while the ISA essentially being traditional soldiers ensures they can wear anything. Perhaps the developer of this hypothetical Killzone game could let players customize each piece of their attire, equipping different helmets, armor pieces, & so on.

With Sony making a Huge push to release PlayStation exclusives on PC, launching this Killzone game on both platforms at the same time could guarantee a larger player base on day one. From there, Sony would just have to keep that sizable audience engaged, & Killzone is an IP that truly seems built for that task. While the series will likely stay dead for the foreseeable future, it would be a welcome surprise to see it revived & built to suit a modern audience. Though some players may naturally be concerned whenever the phrase live service is mentioned, games like Fortnite have shown how beneficial it can be. Killzone‘s issue has always been lasting mainstream appeal & not quality, as the games have been consistently great. As such, a live service approach (& maybe even a free-to-play format) could be exactly what it needs.

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