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New King of Fighters 15 Trailer Reveals Season 2 Plans, Shingo Yabuki

King of Fighters 15 welcomes back Shingo Yabuki, Kyo Kusanagi’s biggest fan, a new season, & other fighters yet to Approach.

King of Fighters has received a new trailer announcing Season 2 featuring the character Shingo Yabuki. SNK is preparing to very soon bring new content for players to enjoy & exp& the game’s roster, while KOF 15 is at The Game Awards 2022 competing in the best fighting game category

The latest entry in the franchise, King of Fighters 15 marks the return of the iconic fighting tournament after Verse, the boss of King of Fighters 14, destroyed the KOF arena. Back with a new sponsor, the King of Fighters tournament brings together familiar faces such as Chizuru Kagura, who enters the competition along with Kyo Kusanagi & Iori Yagami to investigate a problem with Orochi’s seal. The return of King of Fighters also sees the entry of revived fighters after the defeat of Verse, such as Shermie. For the new season of King of Fighters 15, players will have new characters, & the two confirmed names are franchise veterans.


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Season 2 of KOF 15 begins in January 2023, the same date on which the DLC character Shingo Yabuki, who was originally announced at EVO 2022, will be released. Following the debut of fan-favorite Kyo Kusanagi, KOF 15 players will see the arrival of Kim Kaphwan, also announced at EVO 2022, in the spring of 2023. With the additions of Shingo Yabuki & Kim Kaphwan to the game, & the coming of other yet-to-be-announced characters, the chances are increasing that some potential King of Fighters 15 teams will appear in season 2.

The KOF 15 Season 2 trailer also revealed the launch of the open beta for testing crossplay in the game. This will make it possible for PC & console players to face each other in online battles. Although details of the beta are not yet known, the trailer announced that the open beta will take place in the spring of 2023. Another new feature of KOF 15 Season 2 will be character balancing, making this an interesting time for players who want to become better at SNK’s game, especially learning the mistakes not to make in King of Fighters 15.

King of Fighters 15 is the second game in the New Age Saga & the first game in the series canon to have Rollback Netcode, an important feature to ensure the quality of online matches in fighting games. KOF 15 had been announced in 2019 with a release for the following year, but the p&emic made gamers wait until 2022. The cast of playable characters features a rich selection of veteran fighters & newcomers like King of Dinosaurs, although players are still awaiting the return of other characters in KOF 15, such as the powerful & gentle Goro Daimon.

King of Fighters 15 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, & Xbox Series X/S.

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