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Knockout City Confirms Season 8 High Society Heist Theme


The theme of Knockout City’s next season is announced, with Season 8 of the game set to feature a High Society Heist theme.


Knockout City‘s next Season was just announced & will feature a High Society Heist theme. For gamers who love mystery & intrigue, Season 8’s newest theme will be of interest. Knockout City is a twist on the classic game of dodgeball, where players can face friends or opponents from all over the globe. Fans can also compete in seasonal challenges that can give gamers some pretty sweet rewards, such as new balls to crush opponents with & even new game modes for an added challenge.


This creative title was developed by Velan Studios & debuted in May 2021 & can currently be played on most current-gen platforms. Within only a month of the game being live, it reached an incredible player milestone. Over a million gamers were battling it out in one of the more unique multiplayer titles that came out last year. Since its launch, this dodgeball brawl-style title has dabbled with many themes for its past seasons. Knock Out City‘s latest update brought Halloween back.

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The next upcoming theme for Knockout Citys Season 8 was revealed to be “High Society Heist.” According to the official blog post, The Red H& crew has returned & is up to all sorts of trouble. This season will feature all sorts of “intrigue, drama, chills, & thrills.” Players can either choose to join The Red H& crew as they go after their biggest score & target yet, multi-millionaire Malcolm Magpie or track them down as Commissioner Chase. A new Brawl Pass will also be available, & more. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters will also be added. TMNT already crossed over with Knockout City last season.

Season 8 will be jam-packed with tons of new content & cosmetics for fans, but that’s not all. High Society Heist will introduce a new type of special ball called “The Poison Ball.” Players can utilize this new ball to drop knockout gas on their opponents to make a quick escape. Four new events are also planned throughout next season, which will debut on November 29. Each event will also feature unique soundtracks for gamers to jam out to. It is worth noting that Velan Studios took over the publishing of Knockout City earlier this year from EA Originals. In doing so, Knockout City went free to play, giving more fans access to jump right in.

Another neat feature coming to Season 8 worth mentioning is a new cosmetic type called “Brags.” Gamers can show these off as they enter a match in their intros & outros. Players can obtain these throughout High Society Heist through Event Rewards, the Brawl Shop, the Brawl Pass itself, & other areas. A new game mode called “Bank Ball” is also coming that veteran & newer players will want to try out. For now, Knockout City is only available digitally, but it’s a multiplayer title with a lot of content upcoming.

Knockout City is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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