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League of Legends Reveals Upcoming Mid-Scope Updates for 2 Champions



With League of Legends having 162 champions & counting, it is to be expected for some characters to resonate more with the player base than others for a variety of reasons, such as gameplay, lore, & overall identity. August Browning, lead champion designer for League of Legends, has announced mid-scope updates for two champions that have been particularly struggling as of recent to deliver upon their intended design direction.

The term “mid-scope update” is used by the League of Legends team to refer to updates that are too substantial to be a case of simply changing some values in a spreadsheet, but fall short of a complete rework. Mid-scope updates typically entail changes to abilities, animations, visual effects, & sound effects, but do not touch upon a champion’s model, voice lines, or League of Legends lore. Recent recipients of mid-scope updates include Ahri, Janna, Olaf, Sivir, Swain, & Taliyah, & two more champions will soon be joining that list.


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Taking to Twitter, Browning announced Rell & Jax as the two latest champions to be granted mid-scopes, though there is currently no certain release date for either update. Rell has been unpopular since her League of Legends release, occasionally popping up in pro play but having no real presence within solo queue. Her unpopularity is often put down to the disconnect between her lore & gameplay, with her character story presenting her as a “defiant, living weapon determined to topple Noxus,” while in-game she is clunky & sluggish, being the slowest champion in the game while dismounted & having the lowest base attack speed of any champion apart from Graves.

While Rell will be receiving substantial changes that will likely focus on better delivering upon the gameplay fantasy of a ferromancer riding an iron horse, Browning notes that the changes to Jax will be “on the smaller side,” & will be primarily focused on his League of Legends ultimate.

Jax likely just needs some polishing in order to bring him in line with more modern champions & make his ultimate feel more impactful, though he still boasted a 20% presence at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. Browning also commented that the team has not forgotten about Neeko, & that she will receive her own mid-scope update sometime “early next year.”

League of Legends is available now for Mac & PC.

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