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Weirdest Powers Link Has Had


The Legend of Zelda has been one of Nintendo’s longest & most consistent franchises. Most entries in the series find players controlling Link, the destined hero of the fantastical world of Hyrule. However, each game varies not only in its place on the well-documented Zelda timeline, but in Link’s abilities & powers that vary game to game.

While some of these abilities are consistent throughout many mainline Zelda titles, some of them are only featured in one or two games. Some powers Link that has possessed span a wide variety of Zelda games, though they have a unique appearance in each one. Nevertheless, these particular powers Link’s acquired throughout the Zelda franchise are certainly his strangest.


6/6 Pocket Size

Hestu dancing in Breath of the Wild

As is the case with most RPGs & action-adventure games, Link has an incredible ability to carry many items at once. This is usually the result of suspended disbelief between the developers & players, who need to accommodate for characters to switch between weapons & items with ease. Even by those st&ards, Link has quite the load with him.

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As Link gathers items & collectibles throughout Zelda games, one can’t help but wonder how he’s able to do it all. In Majora’s Mask, Link collects up to 24 masks throughout the story, which may even rival the Happy Mask Salesman’s tremendous knapsack. Other games like Breath of the Wild restrict Link’s inventory until he buys upgrades from Hestu.

5/6 Teleporting

Link mid-warp in Breath of the Wild

Most Legend of Zelda games take place in the vast l& of Hyrule, with many different locations. As is the case with most games featuring an expansive area, players are able to fast-travel between key destinations with ease. This canonically gives Link the ability to teleport across Hyrule in an instant, though not often via the same methods.

In Breath of the Wild, Link is able to achieve fast-travel with the use of mysterious Sheikah Slate technology. Some titles enable warping through songs Link plays on the ocarina, or perhaps a flute. Twilight Princess even allows Link to jump back to the start of a temple by utilizing an Oocoo, a type of humanoid bird that appears in the title.

4/6 Spell Casting

Link protecting himself with Din's Fire in Ocarina of Time

In the world of Hyrule, Link hardly gets opportunities to use magic abilities, leaving that mostly to characters like Princess Zelda or Ganondorf. In certain titles, however, Link is able to use key magic spells that he gains from particular characters. Ocarina of Time, for instance, bestows Link with spells based on the three Golden Goddesses.

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Breath of the Wild also reinterprets this idea by giving Link powers inherited from the four fallen Guardians: Mipha, Daruk, Revali, & Urbosa. Some of them inflict damage on enemies, while others will protect & heal Link in the heat of battle. Acquiring these skills is a useful way for Link to grow stronger as the game progresses.

3/6 Time Travel

Link running through an area changed by time in Skyward Sword

Time travel is a consistent theme in The Legend of Zelda, as is hopping between alternate realities. The time-travel mechanic was first introduced in Ocarina of Time, which features a key story moment where Link is sealed in the Temple of Time for seven years. After emerging as an adult, Link is able to return to the past & influence events in Hyrule’s future.

Skyward Sword also revisits this mechanic through the use of Timeshift Stones, which rewind time in particular areas. Another form of time manipulation that appears in the series is freezing time, which plays a particular role in Breath of the Wild. Through the use of his Sheikah Slate, Link can freeze objects in place in order to solve Shrine puzzles.

2/6 Shape-Shifting

Midna riding Wolf Link in Twilight Princess

Another recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda is Link’s ability to change forms. In Majora’s Mask, this is achieved through wearing masks that turn Link into other Hylian species. Other games, like Twilight Princess, feature long stretches of the story where Link must remain in the body of a wolf, guided through the Twilight Realm by the imp Midna.

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Another unique example of shape-shifting in the Zelda franchise comes in the 3DS title A Link Between Worlds. In this game, Link is cursed by the wizard Yuga into becoming a painting, & must navigate the walls of Hyrule to solve puzzles. Some games have even featured Easter eggs where Link can briefly transform into a Cucco.

1/6 Musicianship

Link conducting wind in The Wind Waker

Often, Link’s powers are the result of his incredible musical ability. Several games in the Zelda franchise feature musical instruments that Link collects on his journey for various purposes. One significant example is the Ocarina of Time in the game of the same title, which enables Link to summon his horse, alter the weather, & communicate with characters.

Music returns to the Zelda franchise in The Wind Waker, which allows Link to use a composer’s baton to change the direction of wind while sailing across the Great Sea. Skyward Sword also features the Goddess’s Harp, which belongs to Zelda, but is used in the game by Link to reveal key locations in Link’s journey.

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