Liza Koshy's Family with Indian Roots

Liza Koshy's Family with Indian Roots


An American actress, a Viner sensation and a YouTube phenomenon Liza Koshy never even thought of becoming an internationally known personality. It all happened when she downloaded the app called Vine that was extremely popular among all her friends. This action literally defined her career and within three years she got so famous that she even interviewed Barack Obama on the importance of voter registration. In 2013 Vine stopped existing and Liza went on with YouTube, where she can now boast of over 15 million subscribers. Apart from YouTube, Koshy also took part in a couple of movies and TV series.

Liza’s father Jose is of Indian descent, who works as a petroleum executive. Additionally to that, he runs a company called Koshy T and Jolly Joseph. According to the internet star, her dad is a really loving parent, however is strict whenever it is needed.

The mother Jean walked down to the altar with Jose in 1984 and produced three kids with him. Jean works as a yoga instructor and is a great fan of daughter’s channel. At times, she gets so passionate about it that even suggest ideas for the next videos. Despite the fact that both parents support Liza a lot, they never appear in videos or social media, as they are quite conservative.

The family also included a maternal grandmother, who was a creative person. She liked singing a lot as well as cultivating roses. She passed away in 2011, aged 80.

A maternal grandfather John was a caring and loving grandpa, who remarried in 2012. A couple of months later, he died, aged 81.

A famous YouTuber has two elder sisters with Rachel being the oldest. She was delivered in 1987 and is currently working at the International Women’s Democracy Center.

The second sister Olivia was welcomed in 1990 and she currently resides in Texas, where the family is from. She is very successful at work, being a director of development in the University of Texas.

As for the celebrity’s personal life, she had been in a relationship with David Dobrik since 2015 and up till 2017. When they started dating, David wasn’t that popular on YouTube, but cooperation with Liza definitely increased the number of subscribers. While the two love birds were together, they featured it all on social media, thus giving pleasure to millions of fans across the globe. They officially announced of a Wreck up in 2018, having documented a video about it.

As for now, Koshy doesn’t have any children.

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