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Lost Ark is an MMORPG that takes the player on an epic quest to prevent the world from plunging back into a deadly war. It’s quickly become one of the most played games in its genre since its North American release in 2022, & best of all, it is free to play. It is the perfect blend of ARPG combat & MMO progression, immersing players in gameplay for hours.

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Lost Arkallows the player to comm& several powerful ships throughout their journey. One of these ships, the Astray, is known far & wide as the fastest ship on the seas. Once the player goes through the serious grinding required to unlock the ship, they’ll need the best crew around to sail it. Selecting options from the Legendary & Relic categories will ensure they get the best stat boosts for the Astray & have an easier time sailing through hazardous waters.


5/5 Wilhelm (Relic)

the Astray in Lost Ark

Relic Wilhelm is a crucial player to add to the Astray’s crew because of his Tempest & Dead Water resistances. Out of all the sailors the player could choose, his stat boosts are some of the highest. He can be added to the crew by visiting the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel outside Punika. The player will need to make an exchange of 144,288 Pirate Coins.

His significant contributions to the Astray are S&storm Seas, Cold Snap Seas, & Tempest Seas resistances increase of +18 each. Additionally, his Dead Waters resistance is +21. The only drawback is his Kelp Bed & Siren Seas resistances, which are both -13. He is a costly crew member to invest in & will take some time to earn once the heavy expense of building the ship is taken care of. There are cheaper alternatives, but their stats are not as impressive.

4/5 Barakas (Legendary)

upgrading the Astray in Lost Ark

The Legendary form of Barakas has a decent balance of negatives & positives, making him a well-rounded option for the crew of the Astray. His Kelp Beds & Tempest Seas resistances are both -2, while his S&storm Seas resistance is -11. While this seems like a serious risk to choose this sailor, the player will find some positives in his stat boosts.

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His Siren Seas resistance is +16, while his Cold Snap Seas & Dead Waters resistances are each +9. He also adds another +1.3 knots to the ship’s speed. Legendary Barakas is available in the Stronghold from Gador. The player will have to supply 7,870 Raid Seals in a R&om Sale. Combining him with other crew members who boost similar stats can help make the Astray more resistant to hazardous waters.

3/5 Barakas (Relic)

the Astray in Lost Ark

Barakas isn’t so great at boosting the Astray’s resistance to Kelp Beds, but it’s an entirely different story when it comes to Siren Seas. With a massive +21 to this resistance, his Relic form will help the player avoid getting stunned more often. His speed increase of +1.6 knots will also enable the ship to move faster toward its destination.

He also significantly boosts both Cold Snap Seas resistance & Dead Waters resistance with a +12 increase each. With this significant boost, it more than makes up for his failures in the Kelp Beds resistance department at a -16 decrease. Barakas can be found in the Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship in Punike Port for 14,428 Sun Coins.

2/5 Blackfang (Legendary)

the Astray in Lost Ark

The Legendary variation of Blackfang has the Tailwind skill at level 2. This passive skill makes a Fast Sailing recovery of +10 every time the player sails a specific distance. However, the skill will not stack. She is a r&om reward from a Shipwrecks box. She does have a major drawback of a -10 decrease to Siren Seas resistance, but the speed increase of +1.7 knots more than makes up for it, especially when combined with her passive skill.

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She also has resistance to S&storm Seas & Coldsnap Seas at +5 each. Her Kelp Beds resistance is +9. Overall, despite her stat decreases, she is a well-rounded crew member with her buffs & passive skill boosting the speed & defense of the Astray. Combining her with other crew members that effectively boost speed can make this fast ship even speedier.

1/5 Blackfang (Relic)

the Astray in Lost Ark

The best crew member for the Astray is the Relic version. She adds a massive amount of speed to the ship at +2.3 knots. Other notable increases include a boost to Kelp Beds resistance of +11, S&storm Seas resistance of +8, & Siren Seas resistance of +7. These excellent increases offset her major negative, which is the decrease in Dead Water of -15.

Relic Blackfang has the passive skill Tailwind at level 3. It allows for recovering Fast Sailing as the ship covers a certain distance by +15. This skill is not, however, stackable. Her passive skill & speed increase make the Astray exponentially faster. When combined with the right crew members who also boost speed, the ship will almost fly to wherever its destination is.

Lost Ark is currently available on PC.

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