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The Best Abilities For The Berserker Class (& How To Unlock Them)

Lost Ark is a free-to-play RPG that has taken Steam by storm. While players will establish their fighting styles as they embark on a journey that covers seven very different continents, they must first choose their Class & Advanced Class. There are five major Classes to choose from, & within them, more Advanced Classes to further specialize the character.

In Lost Ark, the Berserker is a member of an Advanced Class under the Warrior Class. The Berserker is a powerhouse, especially when activating Berserker Mode. In this form, the player will have boosted speed & a greater chance for critical damage. For players to boost up their Berserker as much as possible, they will need to unlock their best abilities. Here’s a look at the best ones & how to get them.


9/9 Red Dust

The Red Dust ability allows players to create red energy in the air by swinging their Greatsword. When the Berserker makes a successful hit, it incurs 407 damage & boosts attack power by 6% for 6 seconds. At its maximum level, it can inflict 1897 damage & increase damage by 30% for 6 seconds.

The best tripods to use with this ability include Mind Enhancement, Vital Point Hit, & Red Wave. Mind Enhancement will reduce the MP cost for using this ability by 50% at its base level. Vital Point Hit is essential for increasing the player’s Crit rate. Red Wave increases this ability’s usefulness as a ranged attack, as it increases the damage inflicted. The player will have access to this ability at level 36.

8/9 Tempest Slash

a Berserker in Lost Ark

At its base level, Tempest Slash is an effective offensive ability, with the Berserker charging in the direction of the target for 4 meters. Once there, they will inflict a slash that does 181 damage to their foes, sending them flying into the air. It becomes available to the player at level 14.

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The best tripods to add to this ability include Quick Prep, Weak Point Detection, & Storm Slash. Quick Prep is a must-have because it decreases the cooldown time, which is a massive 24 seconds. Weak Point Detection allows the Berserker to damage any Push-Immune foes that would otherwise be difficult to challenge. Storm Slash increases the AoE radius by 20% & turns the final attack into a 360-degree spinning slash, increasing the damage output.

7/9 Shoulder Charge

a Berserker in Lost Ark

When the player needs to close the gap between the Berserker & the enemy, Shoulder Charge is the ability they need. When activated, it allows the Berserker to charge 7 meters toward the enemy, dealing damage to all enemies in the way, inflicting 269 damage. It becomes available to the player at level 10.

Excellent Mobility, Down Strike, & Fury Explosion are the best tripods for this ability. Excellent Mobility increases the charge distance by 2 meters at its base level, while at its max level, it is increased by 4 meters. Down Strike includes a downward blow at the end of the move that will knock down the enemies & inflict a minimum of 100% damage based on the tripod’s level. Fury Explosion adds fire damage at the end of the charge.

6/9 Chain Sword

information screen for a Berserker in Lost Ark

Chain Sword enables the Berserker to unleash a diagonal upward slash. It inflicts damage & sends the enemies flying into the air. If timed appropriately, it can also be used as an excellent counterattack. Players will receive this ability at level 20.

Vital Point Hit, Decimation, & Quick Prep are excellent tripods to add to this ability. Vital Point Hit will increase the Berserker’s Crit rate. Decimation adds a Greatsword attack immediately following the first attack, which deals massive damage that increases with each level of the tripod. Quick Prep cuts the cooldown time in half, but there is a price to pay. Damage inflicted by the ability will be decreased, so the player must be ready with another ability h&y immediately.

5/9 Hell Blade

a Berserker on the battlefield in Lost Ark

The Hell Blade ability at its base level has the Berserker slam their weapon into the ground, which inflicts 65 damage. If the player holds the button for 1.5 seconds, the Berserker will attack 6 times, causing 195 damage. When the Perfect Zone is hit, it will enable a finishing blow that delivers 1040 damage, sending enemies flying. This ability is available to players at level 20.

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Leap & Deadly Blow are the best tripods for this ability. Leap allows the Berserker to jump to a specific location before delivering the attack. The distance jumped will depend on the tripod’s level. Deadly Blow will allow for more damage dealt based on when the Berserker’s health is at 50% or less.

4/9 Sword Storm

a Berserker in battle in Lost Ark

Sword Storm involves a spinning jump quickly followed by smashing into the ground. The result is a literal storm of swords that attack the enemy. It is a potent ability, causing 1479 damage, & is not available until much later in the game at level 40.

Vital Point Hit, Weak Point Detection, & Flame Storm are all excellent tripods for this ability. Vital Point Hit will increase the Crit rate of attacks. Weak Point Detection allows the Berserker to inflict damage on the challenging Push-Immune enemies. Flame Storm turns the ability into a firestorm, burning enemies as it induces damage.

3/9 Strike Wave

a Berserker in Lost Ark

With the Strike Wave ability, the Berserker will focus energy into their Greatsword & release it to cleave the ground in front of them. When it is not fully charged, it will cause 850 damage, but when it is overcharged, the damage increases to 2124. It unlocks at level 32.

Wave, Limit Wreck, & Blaze Wave are the ideal tripods for this ability. Wave increases the damage output. Limit Wreck reduces the time it takes to charge the ability, & increases the amount of damage inflicted. Blaze Wave adds the element of fire to the attack by having it erupt from cracks in the ground in the target range.

2/9 Finish Strike

a Berserker in Lost Ark

The Finish Strike ability is a massive Greatsword attack that deals significant damage. At its base level, the damage output is 1178. It is available to players at level 10. Using this ability correctly can see the downfall of many enemies with one hit.

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Tenacity & Weak Point Detection are excellent options for tripods for this ability. Tenacity will grant the Berserker Push-Immunity, while Weak Point Detection will allow damage to Push-Immune enemies.

1/9 Whirlwind

a Berserker in battle in Lost Ark

Whirlwind is one of the most potent Berserker abilities. It deals up to 1418 damage through a spinning attack. It’s an excellent option when the player is dealing with a mob of enemies they need to dispatch quickly, turning the tide of combat.

Sustain Enhancement, Cracked Blade, & Vacuum Slash are the best tripods for this ability. Sustain Enhancement increases the duration of the spinning attack. Cracked Blade increases the range of the attack. Vacuum Slash will increase the AoE radius, increase the attack count to two, & increase the damage inflicted.

Lost Ark is currently available on PC.

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