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10 Best Wide Receivers, Ranked


Think of how many times a 50/50 ball gets tossed in Madden NFL 23. 99% of the time, this will be an incomplete pass or an interception. the odds are so poor that gamers try hard to avoid the circumstance at all. What if, for these h&fuls of tossups, the receiver came down with the ball?

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In that situation, players would be much more open to taking risks in Madden NFL 23. For some players, it’s hardly even risky. Elite wide receivers can jump higher than those who cover them, resulting in an edge that pros will abuse until they either win or their opponent quits.

Updated on November 20th, 2022 by Hodey Johns: With the regular season about halfway over, it’s now time to have a new look at these players. As usual, there are some ratings that proved to be frighteningly accurate & others that have left gamers scratching their heads. There is no single rule of thumb regarding the way players dramatically exceed or fail to live up to expectations. The Madden franchise has generally not made changes due to injury, so that’s off of the table. Still, the year has a way of showing other sides of the previous estimations, giving ratings adjusters new estimations. This is where the players st& now at this point in the season.


10/10 Ja’Marr Chase

Madden NFL 23 Ja'Marr Chase Mid Season Ratings

How Ja’Marr Chase did not start the year as a top-ten receiver is a mystery. Apparently, too many folks missed a huge storyline about how the Bengals made it to the Super Bowl last year. He’s just as productive as he was last year & it seems the folks in charge of assigning OVR ratings are now up to speed.

The Bengals took a hefty step back due to an offensive line that lacked any element of cohesion to start the year. Chase has put up numbers regardless. If that unit figures things out, Chase is due for even more deep bombs.

9/10 Amari Cooper – 91 OVR

Madden NFL 23 Amari Cooper Stats Before The Season

Despite Amari Cooper’s statistics with the Browns being a step back from his last few teams, Cooper has seen his PVR increase by one since the start of the season. The ratings adjusters are banking on a better quarterback arriving being much better than the current situation.

Cooper is still doing everything he can for Clevel&’s passing game & the experts recognize the effort he gives whether or not it shows up on the stat sheet.

8/10 A.J. Brown – 92 OVR

Madden NFL 23 A.J. Brown Mid Season Ratings

The trade for A.J. Brown was considered a risky one for the Eagles, as the Titans seemed to feel like he was a glorified second receiver more than a true number one. But the trade has paid off & A.J. Brown has led Philadelphia to its best season since their Super Bowl win.

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Brown uses strength & speed to bully cornerbacks that attempt to defend against him. He adds a vertical game to an Eagles squad that enjoys running the ball, creating an ideal dynamic for the play-callers on offense.

7/10 Terry McLaurin – 93 OVR

Madden NFL 23 Terry McLaurin Mid Season Ratings

Terry McLaurin was so immediately impactful that he was made a starter in training camp, despite being taken 76th overall. The talent & work ethic of McLaurin has always been obvious to his coaches & teammates. That’s finally evidenced in his rank which is up two points on the year.

With a quarterback situation in a seemingly permanent state of flux, fans of McLaurin can only hope that his team does not waste his potential. He’s having a great year so far, but the Comm&ers still feel like a team that must force-feed McLaurin to be successful.

6/10 DeAndre Hopkins – 95 OVR

Madden NFL 23 DeAndre Hopkins Mid Season Ratings

As franchise mode makes some critical improvements, players can control how much fun they have on their own. Getting Hopkins can improve any gamer’s experience with all the jump balls he hauls in every game. But this only works in the game version of football.

Hopkins was suspended for using PEDs for the first part of the season. Oddly, his ratings have been adjusted up & down despite no playing time. The Cardinals are in some trouble & will need him back at full strength to contend once again.

5/10 Stefon Diggs – 96 OVR

Madden NFL 23 Stefon Diggs Mid Season Ratings

Between Kirk Cousins & Josh Allen, it’s clear that Stefon Diggs makes any quarterback throwing to him better. He’s vibrant, to be sure, with plays as flashy as the cover art for the game. But the raw numbers of the teams he plays on don’t lie.

His teammates also see their numbers go up too as he draws additional coverage. This year the Bills have caught a few rocky finishes, but Diggs has improved his stock & solidified himself as one of the best receivers over the past several years.

4/10 Justin Jefferson – 96 OVR

Madden NFL 23 Justin Jefferson Mid Season Ratings

Justin Jefferson was second only to Cooper Kupp in terms of yardage last season & somehow only given a 93 OVR. Call it the annual football rumor mill in full effect, but it seemed like everyone know this was going to increase.

Jefferson uses every tool a receiver has, between speed, route-running, h&s, & toughness. The young player is already an annual lock to make the Pro Bowl. The Vikings are the toast of the NFL so far with Jefferson setting the tone every chance he gets.

3/10 Cooper Kupp – 97 OVR

Madden NFL 23 Cooper Kupp Mid Season Ratings

When predicting where the top-rated players would rank up, Kupp was a consensus 99. He started the year at a 98 to the outrage of his fans. The Rams, in the middle of a significant backslide, have struggled & Kupp’s rating has also fallen to a 97.

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Although Kupp led all receivers in every category last year & nearly broke every single-season record that exists for wide receivers, ratings are often based on how the team does more than the individual player. Before his injury that may be season-ending, Kupp did lead the league in receptions, so that should count for something going into next year.

2/10 Tyreek Hill – 98 OVR

Madden NFL 23 Tyreek Hill Mid Season Ratings

When comparing this year’s Madden to last year’s, some things will change & others will stay the same. Tyreek Hill had a bit of both as his team went from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins but his speed & acceleration are still a perfect 99.

Apparently, some experts figured that most of Tyreek Hill’s success came from Patrick Mahomes. Halfway through the year, even with injuries to the starting quarterback, Hill has still been the most productive wide receiver. At this rate, he should be in the 99 OVR club sooner than later.

1/10 Davante Adams – 99 OVR

Madden NFL 23 Davante Adams Mid Season Ratings

At some point, experts began to look at all the MVP awards for Aaron Rodgers & thought to themselves, “How is this guy still completing so many tight passes?” The Respond to their question? Davante Adams. When it comes to h&s & route-running, he’s almost without equal.

That’s why Adams got slapped with the perfect 99 OVR this year, the only receiver to get the designation. He’s continued his Unbelievable streak for the Raiders. The team itself has been putrid, but they can’t blame that on their stud receiver who is doing everything he can to win games.

Madden NFL 23 releases on August 15th, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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