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Management Games With Deep Lore


Management games commonly focus on allowing players to simulate controlling a part of life, no matter how realistic or artistic it is. This includes titles that allow players to build cities or entertainment such as Cities: Skyline or Zoo Tycoon, as well as more business managing games such as Cultist Simulator.

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It may Approach as a surprise to many players that these somewhat simple titles that allow a player to enjoy managing casually hold deeper stories inside them. Many of the worlds portrayed exist in their own little worlds that contain deep lore that many players are surprised to find. These titles are not only enjoyable to play but also have unusually interesting lore.


8/8 I Was A Teenage Exocolonist

Exploring the environment in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist

Besides the captivating story that both sets & grows as the player ages with others attempting to survive on an entirely new planet, the lore behind why this is the case may intrigue players. Throughout the gameplay in this card strategy meets management game there is a focus on memory & remembering the past through paying attention to warnings.

The lore in this game follows how the original planet the player is from was destroyed by elements such as global warming & pollution. These issues will be discussed continuously as the player hopes to not make the same mistake as their ancestors.

7/8 The Sims 2

A sim in the spy career in The Sims 2

Life Simulators like The Sims 2 also fit this genre as players manage their sims’ lives, the lore of this title is less obvious than the others but still interests players to a point that theories have been formed. One that has lost players for generations was in The Sims 2 where players were uncovering the disappearance of Bella Goth & her possible abduction by aliens.

Every single family included in a game has its own description, & they are also reoccurring characters throughout the franchise. The Sims‘ lore runs so deep that timelines have been created to pinpoint exactly the events that have occurred in each title.

6/8 Stardew Valley

Kent shouting at the player about the popcorn noise reminding him of the war in Stardew Valley

Although a casual farming simulator title, Stardew Valley may appear to just be a way for the player to run their own farm with a chance of finding their true love in a quaint little town. However, there is a lot more going on in the world of Stardew than people may at first realize.

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For example, the war that Sam’s dad, Kent, was once a part of. When Kent finally arrives in Pelican Town the player can get to know him & learn about this war between the two Nations of Ferngill Republic & the Gotoro Empire. Although the player will never experience this war it’s interesting to know that there are other things going on outside this town.

5/8 Rimworld

A base with colonists in it in RimWorld

The lore is commonly left up to the interpretation of the player in many management games & this top-down construction title set on distant planets is no different. A lot of what has been discovered in the lore for Rimworld has been strung together by the players as they have encountered not only peculiar mech-like creatures but also run-down facilities.

Besides inhabiting these long ab&oned shells, players may find them less empty than expected as the mostly unexplained machinery or alien creatures have made them their homes also. A lot of the lore focuses on the planets that characters have previously inhabited or what a Rimworld is.

4/8 Slime Rancher

A puddle slime, tabby slime & pink tabby slime sitting in the water in Slime Rancher

Even cute & colorful games like Slime Rancher have surprisingly deep lore to them that players may have not at first considered. Besides being seemingly alone on this isl& with a variety of wondrous slimes as friends, the biggest questions of the lore that is explained involves The Tarr.

These sludgy slimes are commonly seen as an infection that ruins other slimes, this is only a bit of what can be discovered in Slime Rancher. While exploring the isl&, players will find bits of lore hidden in green orbs that explain past discoveries of people that were once on the isl&, though where they are now is unknown.

3/8 Frostpunk

city in Frostpunk

Frostpunk’s lore is interesting to delve into, especially as it is based on the real world through an alternate timeline. The year in which the game is based is 1886, though the changes in technology & people that can be seen in Frostpunk may mean that the timelines started to divulge on their own paths as early as 1822.

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While running against time itself to find a way of surviving the apocalyptic winter that is approaching, players will learn more about the world & city they are trying to help survive. Players will discover more about the approaching storm & the inventions that hope to prevent its destruction.

2/8 Cultist Simulator

A board of cards in Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator has a long line of lore to uncover while playing, each attempt to run a cult may focus on a different overlord to follow & each has its own lore to uncover. Learning is a vital part of becoming a successful cult leader & therefore the game itself has lore fragment cards that may not give actual lore but are needed to improve the player’s cult.

One of the most entertaining things is learning about the Hours, the gods that the cults commonly follow. They each have their own specific paths to take to unlock them as well as their own lore behind each god & what they are worshiped for.

1/8 Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included distant view of subterranean astroid colony

Although quite an intimidating game for some that enjoy the management genre due to its challenging survival mechanics. Oxygen Not Included has by far some of the deepest lore that can be found naturally while attempting to keep the colonists alive.

While exploring the chosen planet of the player, players will uncover the ruins of past expeditions. Inside these buildings, players can inspect certain documents such as emails, log entries, research notes, & much more that will gradually explain the lore of these planets as well as log past colonies’ downfalls.

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