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Best Pool 2 On Reveal Deck


This Marvel Snap guide details a powerful Pool 2 On Reveal deck that utilizes Storm, Jubilee, Devil Dinosaur, Odin, & The Infinaut.

marvel snap best pool 2 on reveal deck

Decks based around the On Reveal mechanic are very powerful in Marvel Snap‘s Pool 1, & that continues to be true in Pool 2. That said, players that want to play the best Pool 2 On Reveal deck will need to make some significant changes to its Pool 1 counterpart. This guide is here to assist with that process by providing a list for the best Pool 2 On Reveal deck in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap: Best Pool 2 On Reveal Deck

Card Cost
Agent 13 1
Sunspot 1
The Collector 2
Cable 2
Sentinel 2
Storm 3
Jubilee 4
Jessica Jones 4
White Queen 4
Devil Dinosaur 5
Odin 6
The Infinaut 6

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As perviously noted, the best Pool 2 On Revel deck does not look very similar to the best Pool 1 On Reveal deck in Marvel Snap. Indeed, while Jessica Jones & Odin are still present, the majority of the On Reveal cards from the Pool 1 deck have been replaced, as there is a new objective in mind. Specifically, that objective is to put cards in h&, in order to support both The Collector & Devil Dinosaur, & Agent 13, Cable, Sentinel, & White Queen do just that.


This is not all that is going on with this deck, though, as Jubilee also make an appearance. The inclusion of this card allows players to run Marvel Snap‘s Infinaut, & they can get two shots at cheating this huge threat into play by retriggering Jubilee with Odin. Additionally, Sunspot provides support when Infinaut is drawn, as it makes it possible to skip Turn 5 & still add power to the board.

marvel snap best pool 2 on reveal deck

Finally, there is Storm, & while players are unlikely to retrigger her On Reveal effect, she plays beautifully in this deck. Indeed, Jessica Jones & Jubilee are both Incredible followups at a Marvel Snap location where Storm has just been deployed, & Sunspot, The Collector, & White Queen can even fill-in when necessary.

One last thing to mention is that On Reveal decks undergo yet another series of major changes in the transition to Marvel Snap‘s Pool 3. More specifically, the best versions of the deck at those Collection Levels typically focus around Doctor Doom & either Wong or Lockjaw. This focus on Pool 3 cards means that it may take players a while to put together a strong Pool 3 On Reveal deck, & they may want to try out some other strategies while they are building their collections.

Marvel Snap is available for mobile devices & PC.

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