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Complete Guide (Best Decks, Best Cards, Tips, & Tricks)

Marvel Snap might be intimidating for those that aren’t used to strategic card-based games, but this guide will surely help struggling players out.

Marvel Snap is the comic book universe’s latest foray into the mobile gaming market. While many mobile games out there tend to push microtransactions & Battle Pass’ to players, Marvel Snap doesn’t do that (too much). The mobile card battler does have a Premium Season Pass, & players can head to the in-game shop & spend real money on in-game currency, but the game doesn’t push on it too hard, & it’s all cosmetic anyways. Marvel Snap players will earn cards as they progress through their Collection Level ranks, increasing as players upgrade their own cards. Upgrading cards doesn’t affect the card’s prowess in battle; it gives the card cosmetic upgrades, adding striking visual changes here & there. Making sure players have the best deck possible will help them overcome any opponent.

Updated on November 23, 2022, by Greysun M.:Marvel Snap has immensely grown in the past few weeks, & so has Game Rant’s coverage of the superhero mobile game. This guide has been updated to include several of our newly published guides & lists. There are new deck guides for relevant Marvel heroes/villains like Black Panther & Namor, as well as topics on the best ongoing cards, the best interference cards, the best discard decks, & much more. Our hub guide to Marvel Snap will continue to be fleshed out as more updates are added, & new cards & mechanics are introduced.

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With that being said, our complete guide to Marvel Snap will provide players with the tips & tricks they need to Approach out on top. This guide contains information on the best cards for the different Collection Pools, best decks, & more.

  • Getting Started

    marvel snap who goes first

    Marvel Snap may appear simple with its use of small-scale decks & quick match times, but there’s still a level of depth to it that can be found by the most hardcore of Marvel fans. For those that want to get into Marvel Snap as easily as possible, using these beginner guides will surely help. There are also guides here for how to earn Marvel Snap’s different currencies, cards, & much more.

  • Best Cards

    marvel snap cards

    Marvel Snap has many different cards with all sorts of tricky effects. This section of our Marvel Snap guide will cover some of the best cards in the game but separated by Collection Pools. For those unaware of what Collection Pools are, it correlates to players’ Collection Levels. Marvel Snap fans will get cards from Collection Pool 1 until they reach Collection Level 214, cards from Collection Pool 2 from Collection Level 222 to 450, & cards from Collection Pool 3 at Collection Level 462 & beyond.

  • Best Decks

    Marvel Snap Next Viral Mobile Hit

    With Marvel Snap decks only containing up to 12 cards per player, there are a lot of ways to switch things up. Many players have been creating all sorts of different decks, with some focusing on destroying cards & others dedicated to copying their cards. And thanks to there being themed weeks in Marvel Snap where certain locations appear more often, players can even make decks focused on that specific location.

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