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Marvel Snap Details Plans for Pool 4 & 5 Cards, Collector Tokens Rollout


Discord messages from the Marvel Snap development team confirm various details regarding future cards & Collector Tokens.

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Discord messages from the Marvel Snap development team have confirmed various details regarding plans for Pool 4 & Pool 5 card releases & the upcoming addition of Collector Tokens. Marvel Snap chief development officer Ben Brode has been transparent & communicative regarding many design decisions & plans for the card game. As players delve deeper into Marvel Snap‘s end game, Brode has talked c&idly regarding upcoming changes & content plans.

One of the biggest focuses for both Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner & players is the addition of Collector Tokens. Collector Tokens are a currency that will allow players to purchase specific cards, rather than relying entirely on the r&omness of the Collector’s Caches & Reserves in Marvel Snap. One controversial sticking point has been whether players will be rewarded for their previous progression since they’ll have missed out on earning Tokens. Second Dinner has said no, but it may have changed its mind.


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Brode responded to questions on Twitter regarding the rollout of Tokens & whether current players will be rewarded for the progress they’ve earned so far. A comment saying there weren’t plans to reward current players is, according to Ben Brode, “old” & there’s a “new plan.” Specific details will be shared in the weeks to Advance. Further, the plan remains to release Collector Tokens “very soon,” which perhaps means they’ll arrive at the end of the current season — or sooner.

Regarding the addition of new cards, Second Dinner has a variety of plans. One Discord post explains that new cards will be introduced alongside the introduction of Collector Tokens. A rate of one card per week is Second Dinner’s “aim,” with chances to earn pool 4 & pool 5 cards added to Marvel Snap‘s collection track. It isn’t clarified whether these cards will drop alongside & at the same rate as pool 3 cards, but that seems to be the insinuation.

Current Marvel Snap players should be aware that rewards earned right now will not have a chance to drop future cards or Collector Tokens. Second Dinner says that stocked-up Caches or Reserves won’t award new content, or at least that’s the studio’s current view. Players may want to open their rewards & start saving up Credits instead.

The Discord messages from Second Dinner detail a number of other interesting plans. For example, Second Dinner is considering variants for Squirrels & Rocks, Unranked Mode is still in development, the store will be better personalized down the line, & bigger ideas like a match history, custom backgrounds, & more are possibilities. Suffice it to say, Marvel Snap‘s development is just getting started. Second Dinner has a lot of ambition.

Marvel Snap is available now on PC & mobile devices.

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