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How to Find the Token Shop (& How to Get Collector’s Tokens)


Marvel Snap has just received a new update that adds a Token Shop –here’s how it all works.

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The collectible card-battling mobile game, Marvel Snap, has been updated to Version 9.16.0. Although the major patch from developer Second Dinner comes with a bunch of new cards to introduce both the Series 4 & Series 5 lineup, the most exciting part of the update is the addition of the Token Shop.

What’s the Token Shop for?

For players who struggle to find specific cards they need in Marvel Snap to build out a deck, the Token Shop is meant to help out. The shop will rotate every eight hours with a card that the player currently does not own. By paying up a new currency called Collector’s Tokens, players can (hopefully) quickly purchase cards they’re missing.


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If players one day see a card they really want in the Token Shop but can’t afford it at the moment, they can click on the pin icon to hold it for safekeeping. This will keep the card in the shop even after the rotation period begins so players can buy it when they’re ready. However, only one card will be in the shop at a given time.

If the Token Shop has not appeared in the store yet & players have reached Collection Level 500, try updating the app from the App Store/Google Play Store. If there’s no update available in your list of apps, try searching for Marvel Snap on the store & check if the update can be done.

Where is the Token Shop?

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The Token Shop can only be accessed if players have reached Collection Level 500. This level is increased every time that players upgrade the rarity of a card. Once they reach level 500, they’ll be able to see the Token Shop section underneath the Daily Offer section in the Shop menu.

How Do You Get Collector’s Tokens

Marvel Snap players can get Collector’s Tokens by unlocking Collector’s Caches & Reserves through the Collection Level screen. There’s a 25% chance for either of them to drop 100 Collector’s Tokens, & once players collect all Series 3 cards, they’ll have an additional 22% chance to get 400 Collector’s Tokens.

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And to celebrate the launch of the Token Shop & all the other new features, Marvel Snap is h&ing out free Collector’s Tokens to players. The number of Tokens players receive will all depend on their current Collection Level.

  • 500-999 Collection Level: 3,000 Tokens
  • 1000-2999 Collection Level: 6,000 Tokens
  • 3000+ Collection Level: 12,000 Tokens

Marvel Snap is available on PC & Mobile.

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