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Marvel’s Avengers Needs Something Bigger Than Winter Soldier To Bring Fans Back


Though the strong War for Wak&a expansion restored some hope that Marvel’s Avengers could turn things around, the game has once again faded into obscurity in recent months. Poor webswinging mechanics for Spider-Man saw the hero’s addition to the game shrugged off by many, & Jane Foster being an almost exact copy of the original Thor was a letdown. With neither character bringing an Operation, either, it feels like the ongoing story has stalled completely, & it is hard to imagine Winter Soldier saving the game.


While Bucky Barnes could be a ton of fun to play as thanks to his cybernetic arm & an arsenal of guns, it seems unlikely that he will be able to bring life back to the Marvel’s Avengers community. There are a few reasons for this, & all of them Approach together to make a new hero addition a bit less exciting than it should be. Unfortunately, most fans have moved on from the game after two years, losing hope that it will ever reach the heights that they wanted it to. Unless Crystal Dynamics can deliver some attractive content alongside him, the amount of people making use of Winter Soldier will likely be very small.

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Why Marvel’s Avengers’ Winter Soldier is Not Enough


Though it is unclear whether Bucky Barnes will be bringing new story content along with him, it was not announced to be accompanying him, so it seems like he will be following in the footsteps of Spider-Man & Jane Foster’s Thor. This is a major problem, as it continues the issue that has followed Marvel’s Avengers across its entire life cycle. While new heroes are fun, they become pointless when gamers have no new content to use them in. If players are stuck fighting the same enemies & bosses they have battled as every other character, the motivation to level up Winter Soldier could fade away fast.

On top of this, Bucky Barnes is simply not a popular enough character to get eyes back on the game. Though there is no denying that Winter Soldier has become a far bigger name than he used to be thanks to the MCU, he is still not as exciting as someone like Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch. Captain Marvel & Ant-Man are two more characters that would be exciting to play, as their movesets would be different from all the other heroes. Though Bucky would be nice to have if the game had some more heavy hitters, his debut is going to lack the hype that would accompany Carol Danvers or W&a Maximoff.

Content That Could Bring Marvel’s Avengers’ Lapsed Fans Back

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First & foremost, Crystal Dynamics has to sweeten the deal with Bucky’s debut, & the fastest way to do this is by adding missions alongside him. Like Kate Bishop & Clint Barton, a proper Operation with cutscenes & new areas could get fans who enjoyed the story to return to the game. Further, Bucky’s story could bring some much-needed enemy variety to Marvel’s Avengers, with Hydra coming as a new faction for players to fight. Battling something other than AIM or Klaw’s mercenaries would be refreshing, & it is something fans have always been calling for.

With a small team working on Marvel’s Avengers & the game’s budget probably Slice down drastically, another expansion like War for Wak&a is likely off the table. However, Crystal Dynamics should still aim to move the story forward in a Huge way, ending the overly long AIM arc after Bucky is released on November 29. Even if a new story is slowly told across a mission every other month, players need a fresh threat to fight. With Ultron teased, the corrupt AI & his many copies could make for a welcome change, & having another named villain to battle instead of an endless supply of Monica Rappaccini clones is a must. Everything could culminate in a raid against Ultron, motivating players to gear up their heroes again.

A story Operation for Bucky Barnes that features Hydra is one option to build up hype, & another route would be Ultron’s arrival. One final possibility would be a double hero drop, with the heavily leaked She-Hulk DLC coming at the same time as or shortly after the debut of Winter Soldier. If Crystal Dynamic does not have the time & resources for an Ultron story or a Hydra-focused Operation, Marvel’s Avengers putting all its eggs in one basket & dropping a double-hero update could be the best possible scenario. Though it is hard to imagine gamers sticking around with no new enemies to fight, Bucky alone is simply not enough at this point, so this would be better than just adding him.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X.

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