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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Introduces ‘The Abbey’ in New Trailer


Midnight Suns reveals the the in-game headquarters called the Abbey, which is a castle where players can train & bond with Marvel heroes.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns introduced players to the in-game headquarters known as the Abbey in a new trailer. The location is said to be where players could interact with their team, comprised of Marvel’s powerful superheroes.

First announced back in 2021, Midnight Suns is an upcoming tactical RPG from developer Firaxis Games & publisher 2K. Players play as “The Hunter,” a heroic protagonist they will create at the start, who will fight alongside Marvel characters like Wolverine & Iron Man. The game was initially scheduled to release in March 2022, but it was delayed to ensure Midnight Sun‘s quality. On the plus side, players don’t have to wait until 2023 as Midnight Sun will launch on December 2, 2022. Pre-orders are open for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, & PC.


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While waiting for Midnight Suns to launch, players have been treated to many trailers & previews to get them excited. The latest titled “Welcome to the Abbey” reveals the player’s headquarters, which is an old castle hidden in a pocket dimension within Salem, Massachusetts. According to the Midnight Suns website, the Abbey will be where The Hunter will meet with their team to plan out their strategy. The trailer shows various areas of the Abbey while Nico Minoru gives The Hunter a tour of the place. This includes a war room, library, recreational area, & a mysterious area called Forge.

Each of the Abbey’s rooms will let players access mission rewards to help them prepare for fights & craft items. They can also build friendships & train with Marvel heroes. The trailer showed as much as The Hunter interacts with Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Nico Minoru, & Scarlet Witch.

The trailer also teased a possible fight against magical forces that are inhabiting the location. Considering that the Abbey is located in Salem, the city where the infamous Witchcraft Trials took place, it wouldn’t be surprising if Midnight Suns decides to add beings created from evil magic. Perhaps Marvel sorceresses Nico Minoru & Scarlet Witch would play a Huge role in helping to defeat them.

With less than a month left before Midnight Suns launches, players seem to have a lot to be excited about. From the gameplay to the story, the common sentiment is that they expect this to be a great Marvel game. Apart from the base Marvel heroes, the game will also include DLC characters & 23 premium skins for its Season Pass. The most recent addition to the Midnight Suns cast is Venom. So, players can definitely expect a stacked roster of heroes & villains.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches December 2 for PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S, with PS4, Switch, & Xbox One versions coming later.

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