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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Gameplay Breakdown


YouTuber Christopher Odd’s gameplay showcases for Marvel’s Midnight Suns have finally Approach to a close for the base game’s previously announced characters. Twelve characters have now been given their own spotlight video diving into their particular playstyles, including the last showcase featuring Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Ghost Rider. It will be interesting to see how the Ghost Rider that fans play, Robbie Reyes, interacts with the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, around the Abbey.


If fans have been keeping up with Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ marketing, they will know tons of content has been shared regarding this tactical RPG. Each character has their own unique cards that players can upgrade in the Abbey if they have gone out on assignments with them, thus choosing teams of three thoughtfully will yield the best results. In terms of Ghost Rider’s abilities, it seems players will need to be extra considerate of who they bring alongside him due to the many sacrifices required to play his cards in battle.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Ghost Rider Revolves Around KOs

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Ghost Rider has a few cards that are uniquely oriented around the advantages players can receive if they are able to KO enemies. Ghost Rider’s Immolate skill card, for example, turns any enemies KO’d into an explosion that damages nearby enemies.

This could ripple into multiple mini-explosions on impact if enemies have low health. Each KO dealt out by Ghost Rider is important since they grant him a bar on his Souls meter -seen in the bottom left HUD UI, where Captain Marvel’s Binary meter is also represented. Once Ghost Rider fills three bars on this meter, players draw a Drain Soul heroic card into their h&.

While Drain Soul gives the player two Chain, allowing this heroic card to target multiple targets or one target multiple times, it also grants the Lifesteal status effect that recovers Ghost Rider’s health equal to the damage dealt. Each time a Drain Soul heroic card is played thereafter, it will get plus one Chain, but ups their heroism cost by one as well. This creates an interesting back-&-forth where cards become increasingly difficult to play, but also increasingly effective.

Odd mentions that Ghost Rider’s passive friendship ability will buff his health by 15 percent when his Souls meter is full, & upgrading this passive ability will “reduce the number of Souls required to fill the meter by one.” However, Odd warns that the health buff can apparently only be triggered twice per battle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which could make filling the Souls meter early a poor choice.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Ghost Rider Cards Can Approach at Great Cost

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Many of Ghost Rider’s cards are alleged to have a health or card trade-off, meaning certain sacrifices will be made in order to play a game-changing card. Ghost Rider’s Judgment heroic card is one example, where the character will consume 25 percent of his health to damage an enemy at two damage-per-health point consumed.

If Ghost Rider has a lot of health & players do not mind spending it, whether they have the Lifesteal status effect triggered or not, this may be ideal. However, the Judgment heroic card also damages everything nearby, meaning that players could also be severely harming their own Marvel’s Midnight Suns party members if their positioning on the battlefield is not thought out.

That said, if players take the time & resources to upgrade this card, it will only damage nearby enemies instead of friendlies. Ghost Rider’s Hell Ride heroic drives through enemies in a straight line & looks fantastic with Ghost Rider atop the car, but it has a potentially devastating impact on the player since it discards their whole h&. Still, this card could be a boon if players want to redraw, or if they only have a couple of other cards in their h&. Upon upgrade, Hell Ride deals more damage, with a late-game mode applying one Vulnerable to afflicted enemies & increasing the damage they take by 50 percent.

Ghost Rider’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns heroic card, Penance Stare, is comparable to the Judgment heroic with some alternate effects. Instead of dealing two damage per health consumed, it deals four. Further, playing this card instantly fills Ghost Rider’s Souls meter, drawing a Drain Souls card as a result. Many of Ghost Rider’s abilities seem to stack like this, where players can receive optimal status effects all at once to counteract any negative effects he must endure.

Playing Ghost Rider seems complex in terms of having mechanics built around prerequisites & upgrades. But it could be worthwhile seeing how much damage & health regeneration he is capable of by racking up KOs & filling his Souls meter often.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Will Have a Gameplay Showcase for Its 13th Character


Odd ends the gameplay showcase by revealing plans are in place to share more information about Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ final unlockable character. It was previously suggested that this character would only be revealed once players finished Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ main narrative campaign. This implies a gameplay showcase for the character could be airing sometime in mid-December, in order to give fans time to play through its narrative.

These showcases will “return with the 13th hero very soon, including details on how you’ll unlock them.” Because Marvel’s Midnight Suns still has a couple of weeks before launch, Odd’s timeframe of “very soon” could suggest the reveal is happening much sooner than fans expected.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches December 2 for PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S, with PS4, Switch, & Xbox One versions coming later.

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