Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How to Save


Players will often be in the middle of a Enormous fight in Marvel’s Midnight Suns & find that the save button is tough to find or impossible to click.

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With a game full of tactics & strategy such as Marvel’s Midnight Suns, saving the game frequently is something experienced gamers are conditioned to do. On tougher difficulties, one Depraved draw or a mistake in movement can spell doom for one of the characters or even wipe out the whole team.

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But when players go in for a save, they may find that the button has been greyed out & is unclickable. Or they can also just plain not be able to locate the save button at all as it is not easily located on the main screen. For those worried about their hard-earned progress, Marvel’s Midnight Suns does indeed have a way to save the game.


Manually Saving The Game

Marvel's Midnight Suns Saving The Game

  • Pause Menu > Settings > Save Game > New Save

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If this option is greyed out & unable to be used, it is very likely that the current situation won’t permit a save. The reasons can vary; some of the scenes are more like interactive cutscenes than actually safe zones. Sometimes players are in the middle of getting more cards & that decision needs to be resolved first. Mercifully, the most common Reply is that the game has already been saved automatically.

Auto Saves

Marvel's Midnight Suns Indoor Combat During The Tutorial

The game saves rather frequently, especially during combat when expert players will need to save the most often. Open the load screen (also from the settings menu) & check out the save files that say ‘End Of Turn.’ Loading one of these won’t prevent any damage the enemies did in the subsequent turn, but it can reset a fight to a more manageable state.

If players find themselves reloading too often, consider editing the hero decks to use only the best cards. Some cards just aren’t thrilling enough to dem& consistent use in combat & they should be subsequently set aside. After unlocking better cards, the odds of a good h& can be 100%.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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