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Alien Races Discussed, But Never Seen, in the Games

Mass Effect brings together disparate species from across the Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies in an underdog bid for survival. With two stories now stretching across vast amounts of space & time, the sci-fi video game setting has touched on many sentient races that may well be fleshed out in new titles.

Mysteries abound in the Mass Effect universe, many of them central to overcoming ancient horrors & preserving the future. Most of these unsolved riddles involve races known only through a few tales & legends preserved by the game’s core civilizations. As players discover more about the setting & lore of the series, new species shall likely continue to Approach to light & become a part of the growing universe.


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The Oravores & Densorin

One of the biggest discoveries the Prothean Javik brings to the Asari with Mass Effect 3’s From Ashes DLC is that it was his race who saved the Asari from the Oravores. Previous Asari teachings asserted that the goddess Athame fought off the dangerous Milky Way race during the previous cycle. The skies lit with fire & the battle against the Oravores became a major part of Asari religious & historical traditions. Javik notes the similarities in appearance between himself & Athame as well as describing the armaments used in the battle over Thessia, homeworld of the Asari, as proof of his recollection of the tale.

Another race from the Prothean era, the Densorin are known best for their mastery of celestial mechanics & interstellar language development. A close second trivia tidbit is the archived fact that they attempted to appease the Reapers by sacrificing an entire generation of their offspring, but to no avail. They also battled the Oravores before the beginning of the Reaper harvest before finally succumbing to the Reapers themselves. Games taking place in Mass Effect’s past may well include at least further tales of the tragic Densorin.

Inusannon & Thoi’han

mass effect &romeda scourge element zero

The Inusannon & Thoi’han fought a massive war tens of thous&s of years before Prothean culture came to prominence. In the ruins of the giant ships that saw use in those battles, Prothean excavators found the remnants of mass effect drives & other technology that would Approach to define the era. Broken machines & destroyed Inusannon devices found on Eingana & Ilos also corrupted the surrounding l&scape with leaked Element Zero, the substance that enables mass effect drives. Both races fell to the Reapers.

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The Zha’til were originally the Zha, a spacefaring race that implanted themselves with AI technology in a bid for faster & greater evolution. These cybernetic-style implants were easy prey for the Reapers, who used technology similar to that of the Collectors to transform the species fully into a synthetic slave race. The enslaved Zha’til multiplied quickly, becoming swarms of Reaper servants that descended on & wiped out other civilizations. The Zha’til were themselves destroyed entirely by the Protheans, who triggered a supernova of the star in their home system to eliminate the synthetic threat.


Comm&er Shepard poses; behind him, Reapers attack Earth

The Raloi are one of the few rarely mentioned races that have a solid physical description, being bipedal & bird-like, roughly the size of a human. The race existed in the time of Comm&er Shepard, & they fled into hiding at the advance of the Reapers.

The Raloi initially encountered the Elcor before being admitted to Council space by the Asari. By destroying all signs of technology around their planet, they hoped to appear as far less technologically advanced than the other races & thus avoid the harvest of the Cycle. The Raloi have no colonies & were isolationist even before the revelation of the Reapers, making them a mysterious Mass Effect race worth exploring in the future.


Sacrificing the Council in Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition gives players the bad ending

The Kirik are an insectoid species that exhibited signs of sentience & eventually was found to have biotic capabilities. Around 2185 CE, the Citadel Council decided to further examine the Kirik as a c&idate for uplifting, a decision that brought with it debate about whether continuing to uplift species was a good idea in the wake of the Rachni Wars & Krogan Rebellions. They may well appear as antagonists in the Milky Way or even merge with the last of the Rachni to become a new species in new Mass Effect titles.

The Jardaan

Mass Effect Andromeda Angara

Future games taking place in the Andromeda Galaxy may well explore the enigmatic builders who are responsible for creating the Remnant AI & Vaults of the region. They also created the Angara, though the reason for completing these impressive feats remains a mystery. The Angara’s genetic memory is likely a key to unlocking the secrets of the Jardaan, but Mass Effect: Andromeda leaves fans without answers.

As Andromeda‘s Ryder family learns, the Jardaan’s Vaults could dramatically change the nature of planetary l&scapes, making them more or less hospitable over a short period of time. The Scourge that derailed the Andromeda expedition also dramatically affected the Vaults, & upcoming titles may well rely heavily on further unearthing the secrets of those Vaults & their builders.

Kett Vassal Races (The Eealen, Sirinde, & Thusali)

Mass Effect Andromeda Kett Angara

At least three vassal races of the Kett exist in Mass Effect lore. These races failed to prevent exaltation, a physical & mental transformation that results in creatures becoming servants of the warlike aliens, though some members (or at least memories) of the separate species exist. The secrets of the Kett are likely to return as a Mass Effect narrative.

The few remaining Eealen represent a population too far gone to be genetically viable, with most of its members having been exalted by the Kett. These few are known to be w&ering nomads, seeking & gathering scattered lore. The Sirinde rely on Kett technology to stay alive, having poisoned themselves to prevent exaltation. The Thusali are known only to have once worshiped the Remnant prior to being almost, if not fully, exalted & absorbed into the Kett Empire.

Mass Effect 4 is in development.

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