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Microsoft Working on Machine Learning Algorithms for Tracking & Influencing Player Emotions


Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly working on complex machine learning algorithms to track & influence a player’s emotions while gaming.

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Tech giant Microsoft is investing in machine learning technologies to track & influence a gamer’s emotions. Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies globally, alongside Alphabet, Apple, Meta, & Amazon, with a market capitalization of nearly 1.8 trillion dollars. The corporation is looking to increase its footprint in the gaming industry as it is trying to acquire Activision Blizzard, a leading game developer.

Moreover, Microsoft is known for making substantial investments in research & development of new video games related technologies. The tech conglomerate recently filed a patent that can potentially verify physical games for Xbox Digital Library. Microsoft is about to file a patent for a system that will monitor a gamer’s emotions & feelings in real-time to deliver a more positive playing experience.


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The said patent will utilize complex machine-learning algorithms & heuristics to modify the playing experience of gamers by influencing their emotions. Microsoft will build on the current practice used by many developers, using background music, loot, threats, & NPC behavior to induce specific feelings in players. The proposal discusses engine-agnostic & game-agnostic techniques to enhance the player experience using machine learning algorithms for Natural Language Processing (NLP) based on previous game events. These game events can be directly caused by the player, like pressing a particular button, a combination of controls, or their in-game choices. By employing an application programming interface (API) to link specific numbers, letters, words, or phrases to particular game events, game developers can translate game events into text strings.


In some systems, the mapping is kept in a table or text log consisting of a series of text strings that correspond to game events that happened during the course of the game’s part (or the whole). According to the Microsoft patent, the text strings are added to the text log when the corresponding game event occurs. One or more curves depict target player experiences relating to game progress. Curves can describe various player experiences, such as Peaceful/intensity, Depraved/good luck, & conceptual ideas like “victorious.” The figure above shows a block diagram of a system for processing video games that allows coordinating game choices using a semantic natural language processing (NLP) machine learning (ML) algorithm.

Gaming experts believe if this Microsoft patent is finalized, it could pave the way for a new kind of reward system in video games. The new system will be influenced by the gamer’s reactions & feelings during play & design rewards based on the following information collected.

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