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Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Vs Surface Pro 8 Which is Better ?


Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8: With the arrival of the Surface Pro 9, Microsoft has upgraded the performance of its 2-in-1 convertible laptop/tablet this year. More interesting is the introduction of a 5G model (Surface Pro 9 comes in both ARM and Intel variants).

But how much of an upgrade is the latest Surface Pro 9 over its predecessor? Well, let’s find out. The truth is that if you look at it from the design angle, you likely won’t notice any upgrade. However, the internals (performance) has tremendous upgrades.


Price and Availability

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is more expensive at launch with a starting price of $999 for the 8/128 GB Intel version, while the 5G version starts at $1,299. This is unlike the predecessor (Surface Pro 8) which is now cheaper on Amazon at $849. And depending on your configuration too, because the more sophistication the higher the pricing.

In terms of availability, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 starts shipping on October 25th, 2022. While the Surface Pro 8 has been readily available since last year. You can use the box at the bottom of this post to purchase either of them.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8

Design and Display

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8 has similar designs and sizes. The measurement of the display and quality are alike. Both systems have a 13-inches touchscreen with 2880×1920 resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio. And just like the Surface Pro 8, the new Surface Pro 9 enjoys the same 120Hz refresh rate for an ultra-smooth Windows 11 experience.

For video conferencing, they both have a 1080p webcam with infrared for Windows 11 Hello facial unlock. While on the rear is a 10MP camera. Additionally, the number of ports available on both is almost identical. The table below shows the specific ports available.

Screenshot 1 47

Performance and Configurations

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is faster than the Surface Pro 8. Thanks to the latest Intel Core i5/i7 12th-Generation processors, which are faster and better than the 11th generation powering the Surface Pro 8. Also, this year’s Surface Pro 9 has a 5G Version that uses Microsoft’s SQ 3 CPU- a custom version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 ARM processor.

Another major difference between the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8 is the RAM Speed. The Surface Pro 9 benefits from a faster LPDDR5 RAM, up from the LPDDR4 memory in the Surface Pro 8. Thus, the Surface Pro 9 provides a significant improvement in productivity performance.

Now let’s talk about their configurations. Well, not so much has changed. The Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro 8 have similar customizations. The table below expatiates more on that.

Screenshot 2 27

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8: Conclusion

The latest Surface Pro 9 is a worthy upgrade. It brings faster and better performance than the Surface Pro 8. And more interesting is that with the 5G Version of the Surface Pro 9 you will be sure of always connected internet service. But for those of you on a tight budget, the Surface Pro 8 is currently enjoying discounts. So now is a better time to get it if you have been waiting for the past few months.


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