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Curse of Binding Enchantment Explained


Gear is an exciting part of Minecraft, inarguably the most important aspect of progression. When players see upgraded tools & armor, they just might slap on that piece without reading the description first. If that happens, then it’s possible readers are here because they now have the Curse of Binding.

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Curses take the entire concept of enchantments & flip it on its head. Rather than aiding the player that equips the item, a curse negatively affects the wearer. The Curse of Binding is one of the nastier ones that can be found in Minecraft, as it comes with a drawback that is incredibly difficult to circumnavigate.


Updated on November 23rd, 2022 by Hodey Johns: The Curse of Binding in Minecraft is one of the worst curses that players can deal with, especially if they’re playing in a Hardcore world. This frustrating curse can take away a player’s equipment slots & force them to use unfavorable gear. This has been a source of pain for players for a while now. To help gamers get the information they seek as well as a possible antidote, this article has been redone with the identification of the curse in the first section & the possible antidotes in the next. This way, readers can scan for the information they need without needing to go over the entire article.

Curse Of Binding

Pumpkin Curse Of Binding Minecraft

  • Does not allow the character to remove the armor once equipped.

This curse is a specific negative enchantment that tricks players into putting on a piece of gear that they can no longer take off through ordinary means. In a game defined by fun where players can re-create soccer fields, this strikes a particularly sour note.

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The Curse of Binding can be pretty annoying for players that encounter it, as it means they will have to either cheat or succumb to death in order to get rid of it, but it can be an absolute death sentence in a Hardcore run. Many players that load up a Hardcore world & are afflicted with a non-durability item that carries the Curse of Binding will find themselves essentially missing an equip slot. It’s also been lethal during speed runs.

What To Do

curse of binding

  • Enter Creative Mode
  • Die & respawn
  • Wreck the item

Non-Hardcore Mode gamers have two options at their disposal if this happens to them. Hop into Creative Mode & players can simply remove the item with the Curse of Binding as though the curse doesn’t matter at all. For players in St&ard Mode, create a nearby respawn point with a bed, die, & pick up the gear from the body (being sure not to equip the cursed item again this time).

Hardcore Mode players are not necessarily out of luck. Armor has durability & this durability can Wreck after getting hit a certain number of times. Obviously, this will require taking damage, so it’s best to stock up on food, such as an in-game giant pizza. Unequip everything else, then find an enemy & let them hack away. Heal as necessary to avoid death.

Minecraft is available now on for Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, & Xbox Series X/S.

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