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Minecraft Map Raises $227,000 For Climate Change Awareness


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A nonprofit organization has helped raise more than $227,000 for charity through Minecraft, using the game’s mangrove trees to send a message to the world about climate change. With probably the most replay value of any modern video game, Mojang’s s&box title has played a key role in the industry, not just in terms of how it gives fans the opportunity to unleash their creativity, but by helping to educate people about key issues. It’s one of the reasons Minecraft is still so popular after all these years.


In fact, just recently, a Minecraft stream was able to raise $25,000 for charity, with the goal being reached before the event officially started. In the past, the gaming community on the whole has helped spread the word about important causes, raising money along the way. Events such as Summer Games Done Quick, which challenges popular players in the streaming community to finish games as fast as possible, have done notable work for causes like Doctors Without Borders & have raised money for cancer organizations.

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Now, Minecraft has once again been raising awareness, bringing attention to conservation, particularly when it comes to the mangroves. Working with the nonprofit charity The Nature Conservancy, the developer created a map called “Rooted Together,” which encouraged players to plant mangroves to help lower CO2 levels in-game. A number of content creators took part & were able to raise almost $230,000, with Mojang itself contributing an additional $200,000 for the event. A video on the TNC website shows how streamers made an impact by encouraging viewers to donate, while footage from Kenya shows the Mtangaw&a Women’s Association planting mangroves in the real world.

It’s an astonishing achievement & one that really hammers home the importance of conservation, not only by helping to deplete CO2 levels but by also encouraging wildlife to thrive again. Climate change has been a topic of other projects as well. Earlier this year, a UK organization used Minecraft to teach children about floods & flood prevention, imparting lessons on what can be done to improve the environment.

Minecraft is one of the most successful indie games ever made, & much of the reason is down to the near-endless creativity it can inspire. However, through charitable events, it’s also possible to do some good in the world by showing the possibilities of Mojang’s IP & also through the generous nature that exists within the gaming community itself.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, & Xbox One.

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Source: PCGamesN, The Nature Conservancy


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