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The Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing The DioField Chronicle

Square Enix’s The DioField Chronicle combines two classic gaming genres to provide a new experience for the players. The game incorporates both styles of Japanese turn-based strategy opting for the style of real-time simulation (RTS) & doing away with the grid-based systems classically found in the role-playing genre.

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Just like similar games, The DioField Chronicle, is full to the brim with menus around managing characters, classes, skill sets, & weapons. The player must take into account all of these factors to complete their missions, ensure their roster survives, & complete the campaign. The following are a few mistakes that a player can avoid making when playing the game.


8/8 Ignoring The Healers

One of the first characters players are introduced to is Waltaquin. She is a magic user who is vital to include in the vanguard, as supplying enough SP points unlocks her more useful skills. Healing is an important aspect of any RPG especially strategy games.

She has access to a skill called convalescent circle which allows her to heal other characters in a circle for a short period of time; as well as fill up the rescue gauge for incapacitated allies. This can be hugely beneficial in fights where keeping your characters healthy is paramount to winning the mission.

7/8 Dismissing The Rounds

DioField Institue Room

Similarly to other RPGs, there are many side-quests available in The DioField Chronicle. And, sticking with the militaristic theme, these quests are employed through a round system which can sometimes provide rewards. Players may want to push on with the main campaign, however, it is important to clear these rounds.

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The rounds are indicated by a green icon hovering above the character’s heads as these rewards can include gold & improved badge ranks, which subsequently enhance the troops. Rounds are a quick way to bolster resources & combat ability, & players should complete them as often as possible.

6/8 Weapons: Skills Over Style

Inside the weapons shop in The DioField Chronicle

As with most RPGs, buying the most expensive weapon with the highest attack may be second nature, however, in DioField (where resources are scarce) spending gold to buy the fanciest weapons may not be the best option to take.

Acquiring weapons with better skill trees can be more economical & powerful in the long run, therefore players should not purchase weapons, but instead choose weapons that suit their play style & strategies better.

5/8 Skill Investment

DioField unlocked Skill Tree

On the matter of skills, they are not created equally. DioFields’ scarcity of resources also extends to their Skills Point pool, which is their upgrading system. SP, or Skill Points, are points that are earned & applied to different skills in the weapon skill system. However, it is important to note that SP is shared by the entire party.

To make better use of SP, players should choose one or two specific skills to invest their points in instead of spreading them too thin over more options. Sticking with one or two skills enables them to grow stronger & be enough for the stronger enemies at the end of the game.

4/8 Mix Up Your Party

DioField party unti edits screen

Within the party, there are two sets of characters, primary & secondary. Primary characters refer to the main party that appears on the battlefield & players will make full use of their stats including health, magic (otherwise known as EP), attack, & defense. Whereas, the secondary characters are more of a supporting class such as healers & mages. Players may feel drawn to pairing the same classes together, however, this could limit the possible strategies available.

It is important to allocate different secondary characters to primary characters. Variety is the spice of life & allocating different types of secondary characters to the primary party allows characters access to their skills. This creates an interesting game dynamic by, for example, providing an archer with magic or a tank with healing skills. Diversifying skill lists help for more flexibility while in combat.

3/8 Magilumic Management

Split image of Bahamut, Coeurl, Goldhorne, Fenrir, Ouroboros, & Salam&er in The DioField Chronicle

The Magilumic Orbs are Square Enix’s new version of summons which players will be familiar with from other franchises such as Final Fantasy. There are a variety of types that are unlocked during the game, however, trying different types might Advance at the cost of your gold.

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Players may find it more cost-effective to pick two Magilumic Orbs to stick with through the entire game, especially those that provide two different powers. For example, an offensive type like Bahamut will clear the map of smaller enemies, & comparatively, Goldhorne, the support type, deploys an elixir-type effect refilling HP & EP. There are many types of Magilumic Orbs, but to get the maximum benefit from each one the player must invest costly resources to unlock all the summons abilities.

2/8 Stats, Stats, And More Stats

Diofield unit stats

As a staple of the Japanese RPG genre, players can expect to micromanage & balance player statistics. HP, EP, attack, & defense are self-explanatory & can be increased via leveling up, while the other two stats, technique, & luck, are more ambivalent in their descriptions.

Technique refers to the magic or skill attack of each character; increasing this will increase the potential damage to skills or spells. The luck stat, on the other h&, dictates both critical hit chance & damage. Purchasing & equipping accessories can help to improve both technique & luck.

1/8 Replaying The Mission

The rewards menu in The Diofield Chronicle

People may find they want to push ahead to the next Huge mission in the campaign, however, they may miss the opportunity to play missions over again. Replaying missions is a great way to earn extra resources & better refine the layout of the party & its strategies.

The DioField Chronicle also encourages replaying missions via the practice map. Once unlocked, the practice map allows players to return to previous missions & complete DioField’s unique reward system, such as by beating the mission in a timely manner or without suffering any ally casualties. This will help in the late game as having more resources will better the unit’s skills, weapon skills, summons, & overall level.

The DioField Chronicle is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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