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Monster Hunter Rise Releases Patch Notes for Upcoming Free Title Update 3

Capcom unveils the patch notes for Title Update 3 of Monster Hunter Rise, which exp&s Followers & reintroduces several fan-favorite monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise is introducing a plethora of changes in Title Update 3 that has its players excited, & the patch notes have recently been revealed. Originally released on the Nintendo Switch in March 2021, Monster Hunter Rise easily matched the popularity that the franchise earned through Monster Hunter World, releasing a PC version in January 2022, & becoming one of Capcom’s best-selling titles.

In June 2022, Capcom built on Monster Hunter Rise‘s foundation even further by releasing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, its first expansion pack that added a new difficulty mode through Master Rank quests, as well as greatly exp&ed the game’s bestiary, introduced players to follower quests, & continued the story established in the base campaign. Followers in Monster Hunter Rise are one of the features that Title Update 3 focuses on, though the patch notes also reveal the return of a fan-favorite monster – the Chaotic Gore Magala.


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The official Monster Hunter account on Twitter finally revealed the patch notes for Title Update 3, & players who have purchased Sunbreak can expect to get their h&s on the new content on November 24. Title Update 3 lets players customize the Wyvern Riding & item use behavior of their Followers, as well as allowing them to accompany the player on a greater variety of quests.

Another key aspect of Title Update 3 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is raising the level cap on Anomaly Research Levels & Anomaly Investigations, as well as introducing a wider variety of monsters to the quests such as the Seething Bazelgeuse, Flaming Espina, & Scorned Magnamalo. It’s quite possible that the changes coming to Anomaly Investigations will change the meta in Monster Hunter Rise, depending on the new gear that drops from them.

In addition to the Chaotic Gore Magala, Title Update 3 also adds the Risen Teostra & Risen Kushala Daora, completing the classic Elder Dragon trio that began when Monster Hunter Rise introduced Risen Chameleos in Sunbreak‘s Title Update 2. A fan-favorite monster that has yet to make an appearance is the Elder Dragon Amatsu, & if recent leaks are to be believed, Monster Hunter Rise players may well get their wish sooner rather than later.

In terms of future content for Monster Hunter Rise, players can expect to receive Title Update 4 & Title Update 5 in the first half of 2023 – after which the focus will shift toward the next Monster Hunter game in the franchise. Though not much is known about the sequel at this point, it will be made by the team that worked on Monster Hunter World – & as such – players should expect to see a more grounded take compared to the flashier style of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available now on PC & Switch.

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