Monster Hunter Rise on PlayStation, Xbox May Point to a Long Wait for World 2


Debuting in 2004, the Monster Hunter franchise has had a long history of multi-platform releases, with even its first entry initially releasing on PS2 & being ported to the Wii years later. Over the last almost two decades, Monster Hunter has released a plethora of st&alone titles specifically designed for h&held consoles like the PSP & Nintendo DS, with the most recent example being Monster Hunter Rise. But Monster Hunter Rise is about to do what few other h&held Monster Hunter games have done before & get ported to other consoles.


Blurring the lines between a h&held & home console Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Rise was an impressive title when it launched on the Switch in 2021, & with Capcom just announcing that the game is headed to PlayStation & Xbox early next year, even more fans will be able to see that for themselves. However, this could mean that a bigger-budget, larger-scale Monster Hunter game isn’t currently in the works, which will be a disappointment for those expecting Monster Hunter World 2.

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Fans May Be Waiting a While for Monster Hunter World 2

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Originally releasing for the Nintendo Switch in 2021, Monster Hunter Rise received a PC release January of this year. Back then, many fans believed that it was only a matter of time before the game would also head to other consoles as well, & Capcom has just proved them right. In January 2023, fans will be able to play Monster Hunter Rise on their PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S, with the game even coming to Xbox Game Pass at its release.

Many fans are taking this news as a subtle announcement that Monster Hunter World 2 is not coming out any time soon. Before its release, Monster Hunter World was marketed as the franchise’s Huge return to the console l&scape. Before World, the Monster Hunter franchise had spent about five years being 3DS exclusive, with no large-scale mainline entries for quite some time. Monster Hunter World was set to be the franchise’s return to form, & the hype surrounding it was immense.

When it released in 2018, Monster Hunter World was a gigantic hit, delivering on all of its promises. Being a marked step up from the 3DS entries, Monster Hunter World was truly the first large-scale Monster Hunter game in years, & fans instantly fell in love with it. With Monster Hunter World‘s release being such a Huge deal, fans had begun to believe that Capcom would continue to release smaller-scale Monster Hunter games on h&held consoles, while the Huge mainline entries were reserved for st&ard consoles & PC. With Monster Hunter Rise heading to PlayStation & Xbox in just a month’s time, fans now aren’t so sure about their theory. This announcement would seem to suggest that another mainline Monster Hunter title is quite a ways off.

Thankfully, Monster Hunter Rise is much more than just a h&held Monster Hunter game. Though it may not be as visually impressive as Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise should certainly be considered a mainline entry, introducing a slew of new traversal & combat mechanics while retaining a fully-fledged open-world approach. With Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also heading to PlayStation & Xbox in Spring 2023, there’s plenty of new content for fans to dive into, & there’s more than enough to keep fans going until another mainline Monster Hunter game eventually releases.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on PC & Switch, & is releasing January 20 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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