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Most Iconic Queens In Anime

Anime queens are some of the bravest & most powerful female anime characters with impressive abilities & well-crafted characters. While many of the queens in anime are inspired by history or literature there are a few female anime leaders who are completely unique. Anime fans could meet these iconic anime queens not only while watching fantasy or historical anime stories but also when getting lost in the worlds of some of the most complex sci-fi animes or hilarious adventure shows.

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Even though many of the anime queens are righteous & are wise leaders there are also truly devious anime evil queens who use their special powers to create chaos. Some of the strongest evil anime witches also became queens in their own right. While a few of these characters are hundreds of years old, there are also young queen anime girls who also have unforgettable stories as well as fun & intricate personalities that turned them into some of the most beloved anime characters of all time.


7/7 Henrietta de Tristain – The Familiar of Zero

Henrietta de Tristain is the kind & thoughtful queen of the Tristain Kingdom. Even though she’s still very young & inexperienced she takes her position very seriously. After Henrietta’s father died, there was a short power struggle before she would finally take her place on the throne & started bravely leading her country.

The Familiar of Zero is one of the greatest isekai anime of all time that’s perfect for anime lovers who are looking for romantic comedy shows with well-crafted characters. The story follows Saito & Louise’s adventures as the two live their lives in Tristain.

6/7 Vivaldi – Alice: Wonderful Wonder World

Vivaldi in Alice: Wonderful Wonder World

Vivaldi is one of the most evil anime queens that was inspired by Alice In Wonderl&‘s Queen of Hearts. She also likes to behead her servants who displease her & enjoys tormenting the people around her. However, Vivaldi also has a more sensitive side & likes to surround herself with Dazzling & cute things including tiny & furry animals.

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While there are plenty of animes based on light novels there are only a few that are inspired by or based on classic literature. Alice: Wonderful Wonder World is a hilarious & beautifully designed parody of Lewis Carroll’s beloved story. The story follows Alice’s adventures in wonder world & fans can not only meet a more intelligent & witty Alice but also an iconic anime queen of hearts.

5/7 Shiro – No Game No Life

Shiro in No Game No Life

Shiro is one of the cutest & most Dazzling queen anime girls who is also highly intelligent & is capable of keeping her Quiet under pressure. She’s Sora’s step-sister who uses her intellect & unmatched strategic skills to win games. While Shiro is a genius she has problems when it comes to emotions, so she prefers to spend her time with Sora & gaming.

Her favorite game is Chess &, thanks to her advanced skills, she’s even able to defeat a god. After getting transported into a new world she eventually became Queen of the Elchean Federation. No Game No Life follows Shiro & Sora’s adventures as the two pro gamers get transported into a new world where every dispute is resolved with games.

4/7 Ivankov Emporio – One Piece

Ivankov Emporio in One Piece

Ivankov Emporio is the anime world’s coolest & most adventurous queen who is not only the queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom but also one of the most beloved cross-dresser anime characters of all time. Iva is one of the most powerful yet kindest characters in the series who values friendship above all & is always ready to help everyone around him.

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He’s also one of the most intelligent & strongest Devil Fruit users who prefers to only harm others if it’s absolutely necessary. One Piece is one of the most unique & hilarious adventure anime about a young pirate named Luffy. During Luffy’s adventures, he fought some of the best One Piece villains & met many lifelong friends who all help him achieve his goal of becoming the King of Pirates.

3/7 Queen Serenity – Sailor Moon

Queen Serenity in Sailor Moon

Queen Serenity is the Dazzling anime queen of the Moon Kingdom & the loving mother of Princess Serenity. Her iconic character was inspired by ancient Greek myths & fantasy queens. She’s one of the most powerful & elegant queens in anime who used the magical Moon stick & Silver Crystal to protect good from evil before Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic anime franchises of all time with one of the most beloved nemuidere female characters, as well as many powerful & Dazzling anime queens who are not afraid to fight against evil & risk their lives to save innocents. The anime follows the Courageous Sailor Guardians who are normal teen girls by day but turn into fierce magical warriors at night.

2/7 The Witch Queen – Black Clover

The Witch Queen in Black Clover

The Witch Queen is the most powerful anime evil queen who is the ruthless Queen of the Witches’ Forest. The mother of all witches despises weak people, imperfections, & all men, & she is capable of killing anyone who st&s in her way without remorse.

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She’s one of the most manipulative anime queens who uses her powerful magical abilities to rule with an iron wist. Black Clover is one of the most popular fantasy anime shows with powerful magic knight captains as well as mighty wizards & witches. The story follows Yuno & Asta’s adventures as the young orphans embark on a journey to become the next Emperor Magus.

1/7 Youko Nakajima – The Twelve Kingdoms

Youko Nakajima in The Twelve Kingdoms

Youko Nakajima is one of the most intelligent & bravest warrior anime queens of all time. While Youko spent most of her life living as a normal teen in modern-day Japan, her life was turned upside down when she was suddenly transported to a new realm filled with dangerous beasts & warriors.

However, Youko soon became one of the strongest warriors who used her intelligence to outsmart her enemies. The Twelve Kingdoms follows Youko’s story after she’s approached by a strange man who after swearing allegiance to her, told Youko that she is the rightful ruler of the kingdom of Kei.

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