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Most Motivational Anime About Dreams & Working Hard


One of the many reasons anime fans adore & get addicted to anime is because of the wide range of creative & unique stories that inspire & motivate their viewers to be better people & work on their shortcomings. Some of the most fascinating psychological anime series might have darker themes still many of them have empowering & positive messages that help fans overcome the hardships they experience in their own lives.

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The most motivational anime helps fans find their purpose & be more disciplined to achieve their career & personal goals in life. Despite the deep & meaningful themes, these anime shows couldn’t be further from boring or dry. Viewers can get their boost while watching creative stories, epic heroes, & some of the greatest anime villains who all help fans underst& & process difficult emotional blocks & help them achieve their dreams by working bravely towards them.

Updated November 29, 2022, by Via Erhard: Motivational anime shows have been inspiring their audiences for decades now. Many anime fans turn to their favorite series & characters for guidance in all aspects of their lives including school, work, hobbies, & love life. Thanks to the creative minds behind these iconic anime shows fans could explore fascinating fantasy tales as well as slice-of-life stories when they want to watch an anime for motivation. Some of these brilliant anime stories motivate their audiences without being too on the nose & by using the characters’ strengths & weaknesses to inspire & persuade their viewers to work harder & dream bigger.


12/12 One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece

While One Piece is one of the funniest & most colorful adventure anime shows of all time this story is not without its dark moments. Luffy & most of the show’s characters also had to go through plenty of hardships during their journeys & had to find ways to survive & keep going even after heartbreaks & terrible losses.

One Piece is also one of the best anime set on ships filled with adventures & imaginative stories & weirdly wonderful characters. It’s also one of the most motivational anime shows about dreaming Huge & working hard for one’s goals no matter how impossible & difficult they might seem. Its story follows a young pirate named Luffy who sets out on an epic adventure to become the next Pirate King.

11/12 March Comes In Like A Lion

Rei in March Comes In Like A Lion

March Comes In Like A Lion is one of the most feel-good motivational anime series that’s perfect for anime lovers who are looking for a relatable story that’ll help them deal with their everyday problems. It’s a great story that can help viewers learn more about the importance of human connections & how to deal with life as an introvert or as someone who is not generally good with emotions.

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March Comes In Like A Lion is also one of the best motivational anime with a warm & cheerful art style that turns this already great anime into a perfectly cozy & emotional experience. Its story follows a socially awkward young teen boy who is dealing with all kinds of issues including depression & financial difficulties. However, after befriending three sisters he begins to learn how to change his life for the better.

10/12 Haikyuu!

Hinata in Haikyuu!

Haikyuu! is one of the greatest sports anime like Blue Lock with inspiring characters, complex stories, as well as thrilling & intense volleyball matches. It’s one of the best & most fun motivational anime shows, & it’s perfect for those fans who are looking for something that’ll motivate them to work harder & never give up even when things get tough.

Haikyuu! also teaches about friendship & how to work well within a team without sacrificing one’s own personality & needs. Its story follows a small teen boy Shoyo who dreams about becoming a volleyball star just like his role model The Small Giant.

9/12 Assassination Classroom

Korosensei & students in Assassination Classroom

Even though Assassination Classroom deals with darker themes it’s also a surprisingly fun & motivational anime with plenty of great characters. This weird yet inspiring story is filled with relatable characters who teach viewers to care more about each other & to be more considerate towards everyone.

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Assassination Classroom also has a Dazzling art style as well as some fun battle scenes. The story follows a yellow octopus-like alien who works as a teacher at a junior high school & says that he’ll destroy Earth unless his students find a way to assassinate him first.

8/12 Fruits Basket

Tohru, Yuki, Shigure, & Kyo from Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is one of the most famous & beloved motivational anime that’s also a charming & feel-good story that makes viewers feel instantly better. All the characters have to overcome very serious emotional & mental difficulties while often facing external difficulties. However, all the characters work hard on achieving their dreams while improving their Rotten habits & negative personality traits.

The story’s heroine is the kindhearted Tohru who is a young orphan girl. Even though she has a hard life & has to live alone after her mom’s death, Tohru always has a positive attitude, works hard, & even motivates & inspires others to do the same. The story follows her adventures after she moves in with the mysterious Sohma family. Soon she finds out that the seemingly perfect Sohma family members have their own issues caused by an ancient curse.

7/12 ReLIFE

Chizuru & Arata in ReLife

ReLIFE is another lovable & funny slice-of-life anime that mixes thought-provoking dramatic scenes with uplifting & warm moments. It’s a highly motivational anime that makes viewers re-think their life goals & motivates them to work on their morals & build better relationships in their personal & work life.

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ReLIFE‘s story is also pretty fun, & it’s about Kaizaki a young man who is struggling with life. However, his life changes thanks to a drug that alters his appearance. Kaizaki can re-start his life as a high school student & work on all the things he did wrong the first time around.

6/12 Mob Psycho 100

Mob from Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is easily one of the most motivational new anime series. Some fans even argue that Mob Psycho 100 is better than One Punch Man in many ways. It’s a fun action-filled anime with hilarious comedic moments & complex characters that make this show so lovable. Mob is one of the most powerful characters in anime, yet he’s humble & constantly works on becoming a better person & psychic to help humanity.

The story follows his life as he attempts & often fails to control his psychic powers & unstable emotions. He also has to deal with powerful evil spirits, con artists, & of course the everyday difficulties of a schoolboy’s life.

5/12 Food Wars

Soma in Food-Wars

Food Wars is one of the most inspiring anime that motivates fans to work hard & follow their dreams while also making them hungry. It’s a funny series with great characters & hilariously heartwarming moments. However, fans can also try some pretty weird recipes thanks to the series.

It’s not just a show for foodie anime fans but for anyone who appreciates Dazzling animation & loves well-crafted characters & stories about working towards success while helping others.

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Food Wars‘ story follows Soma a young boy who works in a small restaurant in Japan but dreams about becoming a famous & talented chef. He gets accepted into an elite culinary school where he & his teammates have to work together & against each other to become the best versions of themselves.

4/12 Barakamon

Seishu & Haru in Barakamon

Barakamon is one of the most wholesome anime about working hard for dreams & finding one’s purpose in unexpected places. It’s a lovely slice of life anime with plenty of great side characters & a main character who has to work hard on his personality to find success in his work-life as an artist & happiness in his personal life.

The story follows Seishuu’s life as the young & talented but narcissistic artist gets sent to a remote isl& by his father after an especially Huge outburst. The young artist is not happy about relocating from Tokyo to a small village but decides to try & work on finding his unique style there. However, the locals keep barging in & wouldn’t leave him alone. While Seishuu is first annoyed he soon grows fond of the quirky group who inspire him to become a better person & artist.

3/12 Sakura Quest

Yoshino in Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest is both a relaxing & motivating anime that will help viewers appreciate traditions & help inspire fans to work towards greater goals even when things seem impossible. The series has charming characters & is set in an atmospheric rural Japanese town, called Manoyama, where locals work tirelessly to save their beloved hometown.

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Its story follows the young Yoshino who just finished college & tries to find her dream job in Tokyo. After failing, she’s not sure what her next step should be. However, she gets an unexpected offer to become the queen of the “Kingdom of Chupakabura” in Manoyama. With no other options, Yoshino accepts & moves to the small town where she soon starts helping the locals find ways to bring prosperity to the struggling town.

2/12 Naruto

Naruto in Naruto

Naruto is not only one of the best martial arts anime of all time but also one of the most motivating & inspirational ones. The show has exciting action scenes, heartwarming moments, & a thrilling story with great twists. But what makes the show truly special are its complex & relatable characters who all work extremely hard to become better people & stronger fighters to help those in need.

The series’ main character is Naruto & the story follows the young ninja’s adventures as he works tirelessly to become a respected & powerful Hokage. It’s one of the most popular & beloved anime series ever that inspired millions of anime fans worldwide to work hard & dream Huge.

1/12 My Hero Academia

Deku in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is the ultimate motivational anime about working hard & following one’s dreams. While the show has its silly moments it’s also filled with memorable & heartwarming moments as well as powerful enemies & some of the most terrifying anime stalkers ever. Thanks to the complex characters who all work towards becoming great heroes & the show’s creative storylines this anime quickly became one of the most popular shows worldwide.

My Hero Academia‘s main protagonist is the Fearless & dedicated Deku who finally got his own special quirk after he met with his number one hero, All Might. The story follows his & his schoolmates’ journey to becoming powerful heroes despite personal struggles & powerful enemies.

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